Chi Pu’s “Sashimi” is called “trash” by many musicians, but the owner thinks it is art, so what is “net garbage”?

Recently, VTV1’s Cultural Perspective program released articles and photos in the new MV Sashimi by Chi Pu with the same opinion: ‘Many music journalists have considered this to be a provocative and offensive music video with vulgar and cliché lyrics. Many musicians had to say: ‘This is garbage’.”

However, musician Hua Kim Tuyen said that the lyrics in the song “There is no mistake, the fault lies in how people look at it”. Singer Chi Pu himself also implied that the song contains the intention “to show respect for love”.

More and more junk is being thrown into the cyberspace. These are false information, obscene content disguised as cultural and artistic products, the trend of swearing, insulting …

Among the types of cyber junk, at the top, there are certainly news products launched by hostile forces, political opportunists. Taking advantage of difficult times in the country such as during the COVID-19 epidemic, these subjects, using many tricks such as spreading fake news, cutting news, livestreaming, constantly sharing on social networks with others. The purposes are not new that we have analyzed many times, that is, to distort the anti-epidemic policy of the Party and State, to defame leaders, to disparage the people, to divide people from people, people with people. government.

Their ultimate goal is to deny the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, to incite, to move towards riots to overthrow the socialist regime that Vietnam is building.

All kinds of garbage thrown into cyberspace appear more and more under the guise of culture. The gangsters, more powerful, in prison more than at home, suddenly transform into stars through short films and music videos promoting depraved play, fighting, killing, worshiping ways. live a lawless life.

People also go online to teach children all sorts of weird, life-threatening challenges with countless shocking, cheesy, open, toxic, weird clips.

Perhaps never before, the trend of swearing and insulting each other on social networks is so rampant. This vortex also ends with those who are supposed to be artists or a little bit famous. From hot girls, to models, actors, singers, influential in society, appearing with obscene status lines, undressed livestreams showing off their bodies, and then using excuses to expose the real face… .to curse, insult, personal attack.

In daily life, littering indiscriminately pollutes the environment and adversely affects human health. And cyber junk has a bad impact on people’s mental health, because every day, it creeps into thoughts, psychology, and spirit, and can distort the behavior, behavior and lifestyle of many people. social media users, especially young people.

Garbage cannot disappear in a day or two, but surely, it will be significantly reduced if we all clean up, and cultivate for good things every day.

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