Le Minh Quoc – Magical inspiration to become a father for the first time

Le Minh Quoc – Magical inspiration to become a father for the first time
Le Minh Quoc – Magical inspiration to become a father for the first time

Cover of the book “Every day parents breathe with their children” by Le Minh Quoc.

“Every day parents breathe with their children” includes real life stories originating from Le Minh Quoc’s blood son: Be Mi… It can be said that this is a rare literary work that writes a familiar story. belonging, almost everyone has and will experience, or of course know well, that is: The new life of parents with their first child. But here, all those close and special situations are meticulously recorded by poet Le Minh Quoc into a lovely collection of stories interwoven with witty, unexpected and emotional verses. ..

Preparing to welcome the birth of a child, Le Minh Quoc likened this feeling to “Listening to the breath of the germinating land”. He was startled as if he were looking at the work of sculptor Diem Phung Thi, watching the mother possessing the image of a small earth in her belly. Then, accompanying my wife towards the ultimate goal of “round mother and square child”: Spread your arms, rub the round earth / Listen to the breath that lulls the rhythm of poetry / Grows up the young buds / Grows in the days of childhood growing up… And enjoying the joy from the baby’s cry: “The best voice in the world / The baby who plays while crying in the cradle”. The author wrote: “The days when I was taking care of my baby when I was still young like a new shoot, I was startled to realize that the most happiness is when I can leisurely play with my child. The baby’s stirring, crying, even sleeping. Drunk is still the most magical moment.” And he asserted: “In this world, the masterpiece that makes us look at it engrossedly, can only be when looking at you. Simply at that time, we watch our own form being reborn. The rebirth can Really, not just once, but maybe two or three times.”

So, in the home of the Quoc couple’s family, a figure is growing day by day… There are late nights when the father wakes up startled, first he touches the baby’s chest to feel his breath. then you can sleep peacefully. As for the mother, she is always happy as if she is going to travel to Mars, because happy times pass every day, Spring comes every day for her children, for her health… The author realizes: “I can “talk for hours because I think the baby is listening, listening attentively. Every time I finished speaking, I played the child’s role to answer. From one thing to another, as long as you feel happy, your mind is excited.” Just like that, day by day, day by day, from where a new word is pronounced, now it is two words. The young boy babbled, but it sounded like a bird singing. The sound of the stream was ringing. The sound of the piano was playing…

As a poet, right after becoming a father for the first time, the author used his memory to find the lullaby, but then suddenly realized in the current changing trend in lifestyle, quality of life, style, etc. In each family’s way of life, parents have a different perspective, so there are times when in a new wonderful feeling, he pops out new rhymes: “Pick me up in the yard / Out on the early sunny porch / Arms warm mother / I look at the blue sky / The birds sing: Oh girl / It’s almost a month / Crying for mom to hold / Hungry for milk mam / Bang bang bang bang / Bang bang gong”. Or: “I am small now / Fresh with flower buds / Nu nun nu na / Old bamboo shoots grow / Study hard / Eat well”. When the child reaches school age, taking him to school, his heart is filled with love, but also full of anxiety. The author recounts: When the child entered the gate, he stood and watched the child go alone until he was out of sight. He wondered: “Does my child know the way to class? What if someone other than the teacher takes him somewhere?”. I just kept thinking about it and then I got worried …”.

In the afterword of the book “Every day parents breathe with their children”, poet Ho Dac Thieu Anh shared: “When reading the essay “Every day parents breathe with their children”, I sympathize with the noble sentiments of Those who used to be parents through emotional glittering stories always wish their children’s lives to be smooth and peaceful…”. As for Dr. Psychology Le Thi Linh Trang, admits: “When reading “Every day parents breathe with their children”, the reader’s hand is holding one of those secrets. Peacefully acknowledges the message: Parental love for their children is a universal value, popular from time immemorial to present and forever existing. , divide the year by seven” to meticulously record the years of exchanging love lessons with the child”.

For the first time at the age of 60, Le Minh Quoc in the eyes of his friends and acquaintances, the romantic poet a few times a year with hasty trips to visit his hometown of Da Nang, then busy again. returned to Ho Chi Minh City to continue to be busy with books, newspapers, and words, which have now changed… Congratulations to poet Le Minh Quoc with the book “Every day parents breathe with their children”. I hope you continue to have more new works inspired by new seeds in the family home.

Tran Trung Sang

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