This is a book to help you “travel” through space in the Solar System


Written by 8 leading space scientists in the UK, with the advice of 3 famous space scientists of the misty land Maggie Aderin- Pocock, Ben Bussey, Andrew K.Johnston, “The planets – The most intuitive demonstration of the Solar System you’ve never seen” will delight you with a trip through space in the Solar System.

Featuring concise, up-to-date information on the planets in the Solar System, along with sharp maps and field photos by NASA’s latest technology, recreated in a three-dimensional model. Vividly, titled “Planets – The Most Visual Explanation of the Solar System You’ve Never Seen” will take you on an eye-catching and mesmerizing space trip.

Through each page of the book, you will discover the topography, geology, and atmospheres of typical planets in the solar system: from the Sun to rocky planets including Mercury, Earth, Mars; asteroids to gas giants such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune; along with outer limits such as the Kuiper belt, dwarf planets, comets, etc.

In addition, the book also provides a lot of interesting information that you may have never heard about the planets. Venus has a scene like hell on earth with clouds filled with sulfuric acid, temperatures up to 470 degrees Celsius can fuse lead. Meanwhile, the Sun is a boiling ball of plasma. Its luminous surface illuminates the planets in the system, and its tremendous gravity forces the planets to orbit.

The unexpected knowledge about the harsh environment in outer space will make each of us love the beautiful planet Earth – which is the only place where life currently exists in the Solar System. In particular, with four brief infographic pages at the end of each chapter about the planets, readers will be able to follow humanity’s research journey about the universe from 2000-3000 years BC to the present, and get acquainted with the sensing devices. Risks have been and are being used to discover more about the planet.

“Planets – The Most Visual Explanation of the Solar System You’ve Never Seen” deserves to be considered an “encyclopedia of the Solar System”, this is a work not to be missed for those who love it. astrology and a passion for space science. This masterpiece can be used as a reference in a related discipline, with a detailed resource on the sun at the end of the book. Not only appreciated by experts, this book is also loved by young people thanks to its interesting and easy-to-understand content.

In Vietnam, “Planets – The Most Visual Explanation of the Solar System You’ve Never Seen” promises to be the “bedside pillow” title of many readers, and is enthusiastically read by young people during this time. next time.

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