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Before 2020, the concept and method of holding an online shareholder meeting is still unfamiliar to enterprises that are joint stock companies. But since the Covid-19 epidemic appeared, and the Enterprise Law 2020 took effect from January 1, 2021, the organization of online meetings of businesses and online shareholders’ meetings has gradually become more popular. popular.

The year 2021, 2022 is the first stage of many joint stock companies (public, not public) to organize the general meeting of shareholders online: shareholders anywhere, unlimited geographical boundaries, administrative space, countries can still participate in the meeting and vote in real time.

During the Asia – OECD Roundtable on corporate governance, Deputy Minister of Finance Nguyen Duc Chi assessed that public enterprises are increasingly applying technology to help improve corporate governance and improve corporate governance. publicity, transparency … thereby ensuring the interests of shareholders and the sustainability of the business.

At the closing seminar of the project “Strengthening capacity to improve fairness and transparency of Vietnam’s stock market”, Mr. Pham Hong Son, Vice Chairman of the State Securities Commission said, the Ensuring fairness and transparency is an important criterion throughout the process of building and developing the stock market.

Therefore, the State Securities Commission will also promote the application of technology such as AI technology… to strengthen supervision and management capacity in the coming time.

Talking in Talk show Finance Street Talk (The Finance Street Talk Show) on VTV8, Mr. Tran Hoai Nam, Deputy General Director of Ho Chi Minh City Development Commercial Joint Stock Bank (HDBank) said that HDBank has 24,000 shareholders, the number This has increased many times after 5 years of listing on the stock exchange.

“With such a large number, it is very difficult for the bank to approach each shareholder. Therefore, at the last general meeting of shareholders on April 26, we also implemented two forms of shareholder activities, both in person and online. Through online activities, shareholders can participate in online and unlimited voting, as well as can do it anywhere, whether in Vietnam or around the world. know.

Mr. Bui Dinh Giap, Founder and CEO of AkaBot, FPT IS assessed, for listed companies, one of the biggest issues today is equity among shareholders. Some shareholders are not able to attend directly, resulting in disadvantage. Therefore, the online shareholder meeting helps investors save costs and ensure their rights in participating in the vote. In addition, it will also save both time and costs for businesses.

Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand all have specific regulations that when listed companies hold a general meeting of shareholders, they need to have more online channels to ensure the interests of investors. when they are not able to attend directly.

But the online General Meeting of Shareholders is just a small piece of the digital transformation process of businesses and banks.

Mr. Tran Hoai Nam assessed digital transformation as an inevitable trend of the economy in Vietnam as well as of the world. In the past, cash payment transactions were very large, but now cashless payment activities, using apps, using online money transfer tools as well as paying through the network have developed a lot.

In 2020, HDBank established a DTC digital conversion center. Customers make payment transactions, transfer foreign exchange transactions, international payments and buy and sell foreign currencies… all on the online system or via the app. This makes it easy for customers, especially in rural areas, to access them instead of having to go directly to the bank or have to deal with bank staff.

As a result, in 2022, the number of HDBank’s credit cards has increased by 4 times, digital conversion transactions have also increased by 6 times, and other indicators have increased by more than 200%. In terms of financial indicators, ROE increased and CIR decreased due to the implementation of digital transformation, which increased labor productivity, increased profits for the bank, and helped the overall operation of the bank as well as its shareholders. winter better.

However, the fact that investment in digital transformation activities is also a concern for some businesses, and sometimes they also find that the investment is too large compared to conventional business activities. usually theirs.

“But personally, I think that as a business, you should also invest boldly, there may be quite large initial investment costs, but the effectiveness of application such as increasing labor productivity, increasing product quality is also important. such as better customer service, it will also bring higher efficiency to businesses” – Deputy General Director of HDBank said.

Besides, Mr. Tran Hoai Nam also commented that if digital transformation is too fast, it will also lead to finding the right human resources to carry out digital transformation difficult… But with very rapid advances in the fields of digital transformation. digital transformation activities, he believes that in the future, good results and achievements will be achieved.

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