Apple points out the reason why iPhones run out of battery so quickly


Recently, on social networking sites, there are quite a few iPhone users complaining that their iPhone battery suddenly drains quickly. Twitter user @Ismascarade said, “iOS 16.5 is the cause of this situation”.

Not only @Ismascarade account, many also agree that the new iOS makes their phone battery drain faster. Twitter user @cowsmi1k shared, “I don’t know if it’s by accident, but since updating to iOS 16.5, not only has the battery life drained faster, but the charging time has also slowed down significantly. And because For some reason, my battery is also heating up severely while the machine is not doing too much work.”

Apple support recently had an explanation for those who have complained about iPhone battery life in recent days (Image: Unsplash)

Apple support recently had an explanation for those who have complained about iPhone battery life in recent days.

According to “Missing Apples,” the best you can do is wait a while.

“Thanks for contacting! We’re happy to help. It’s normal for apps and features to need calibration for up to 48 hours after an update,” Apple support responded. to users on Twitter.

This does not mean that Apple is trying to test the endurance, as well as the patience of users, simply that when a new version of iOS is installed, a lot of things will happen in the background such as scanning. Restore your photos with a new algorithm, optimize data, and even recalibrate your phone’s battery.

All of these tasks consume battery power, and some of the algorithms used to optimize battery life need to go through a number of cycles to work again. Therefore, before making decisions for the iPhone you are using, it is better to wait a few more days to see if the battery life improves.

All background tasks after the new iOS update are performed continuously from the time you finish downloading the new iOS. This results in the device consuming a lot of energy. Recalibrating your phone’s battery can also mislead you into thinking that your iPhone is running low on battery power (Image: Roman Zakirov/Shutterstock)

Experts also said that in case users continue to have battery problems on their iPhones after updating to iOS 16.5, users can try restarting their devices as well as accessing the App Store to update apps. available on the device.

If the problem persists, users can contact Apple support. You also check your iPhone’s battery status in Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging. Here the user will find the maximum capacity of the battery. If this level is below 80%, it means that the battery has reduced its life and it is time to replace the battery with a new one.

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