Market Pulse September 18: Large Cap creates pressure, VN-Index loses more than 15 points


Market Pulse September 18: Large Cap creates pressure, VN-Index loses more than 15 points

At the end of the session, VN-Index decreased 15.55 points (-1.27%), down to 1,211.81 points; HNX-Index decreased 2.28 points (-0.9%), down to 250.48 points. Market breadth tilted heavily to the selling side with 509 codes decreasing and 291 codes increasing. The VN30 basket is also in the red with 27 decreasing codes, 2 increasing codes and 1 reference code.

Market liquidity continued to decline. Trading volume of VN-Index reached just over 844 million shares, equivalent to a value of 19.7 trillion VND; HNX-Index reaching 94.9 million shares, equivalent to a value of 1.9 trillion VND.

Evolution of VN-Index In the afternoon session, it was more pessimistic when strong selling pressure continuously appeared and caused the index to lose more than 20 points at times. The plunge of VN-Index comes from the poor performance of the basket VN30. Of which, VHM led with a decrease of 3.1%, VIB and SAB decreased by 2.8%, VRE decreased by 2.5%, TCB decreased by 2.3%, BID decreased by 2.2%…

HNX-Index also had similar developments, codes that negatively affected the index included HUT (-2.77%), PVS (-2.28%), CEO (-2.58%), VIF (-2.63%), VFS (-6.36 %), VCS (-1.49%)…

Major sectors of the market continue to be pressured, including real estate and banking. Specifically, the real estate industry index decreased by 1.7% due to the adjustment of leading industry codes such as VIC, down 1.12%, falling to 53,000 VND/share; VHM decreased 3.07%, down to 48,950 VND/share; VRE decreased 2.46%, to 27,700 VND/share, NVL lost 3.97%, HDC decreased 3.66%, TDH decreased 3.23%…

Meanwhile, the green color only remained in a few codes such as DXG (+1.6%), DRH (+1.23%), CKG (+3.17%), LHG (+0.52%), NLG (+1.79%).

Red also dominated the banking stocks group with 19 codes decreasing and 1 code increasing. Codes recording common decreases from 1% – 2.5% such as HDB, BIDCTG, TCB, VIBMSB…

In addition, many industry groups also recorded poor developments such as retail, wholesale, chemical plastic production, technology and information, electrical equipment, food and beverage,…

On the contrary, the seafood processing stocks group successfully “overcame the storm” with the industry index increasing by 3.04%. In which VHC and SJ1 increased strongly by 4.92% and 4.27%, ANV and IDI increased by over 2%, AAM, ACL, CMX and FMC inched slightly above the reference.

Regarding foreign transactions, this group sold a net of 477 billion VND on HOSE, focusing mainly on stocks. VIC (136 billion). On HNX, foreign investors net bought 4.4 billion VND, of which PVS was bought the most with a value of 4.4 billion VND.

14:25: Selling pressure increases before ATC time

After a period of struggle with a decrease of around 14 points, the momentum of VN-Index came back when the index was losing more than 20 points and trading at 1,206 points. HNX-Index is having a similar situation, extending the decline by more than 3 points, trading at 249.6 points. The number of declining codes in the whole market continued to increase to 567 codes.

At the basket VN30the red color is completely overwhelming with 30 codes falling, a series of stocks plummeting by more than 3% like VHMGVR, VIB, SAB and BCM. Codes TCB, BID, VRE, HDBMSN, MBB… are also in a state of decline.

In the derivatives market, the short side is “winning big” as all 4 contracts are seeing deep declines. VN30F2309 lost 23 points, VN30F2310 lost 21.8 points, VN30F2312 lost 20 points, VN30F2403 lost 22.2 points.

Morning session: Pessimistic sentiment is covering the entire market

The market opened the first session of the week with a decline and continued until the end of the morning session. Closing the session, VN-Index decreased 12.75 points, to 1,214.61 points; HNX-Index decreased 1.4 points, to 251.36 points. Besides, the number of decreasing codes was twice the number of increasing codes when looking at the whole market, 221 codes increased and 449 codes decreased. The codes are in the basket VN30 The consensus was that the sellers prevailed with 3 codes increasing, 26 codes decreasing and 1 code unchanged.

Trading volume of VN-Index recorded in the morning session reached nearly 518 million units, with a value of more than 12.3 trillion VND. HNX-Index recorded a trading volume of more than 47 million units, with a transaction value of over 943 billion VND.

Pausing the morning session, VCB is the code with the most negative impact VN-Index taking away nearly 1.7 points from this index. In the opposite direction, HPG codes, VHCHSG are the codes with the most positive impact, having compensated for nearly 0.5 index points.

During a meeting with Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang in Nanning City, Guangxi, China on the afternoon of September 16, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh emphasized that the two sides need to promote their geographical advantages and complement each other to push Strengthen practical cooperation in the fields of balanced and sustainable development.

The Chinese Prime Minister affirmed to promote economic cooperation and open markets for Vietnamese goods, especially high-quality agricultural and aquatic products, when meeting with Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh. This has a big impact on the seafood processing group with the best growth in the market on the first day of the week. Typically, industry-leading stocks such as ANV with an increase of 2.24%, IDI increased by 1.44%, VHC increased by 2.98%,…

Developments of industry groups at the end of the morning session on September 18. Source: VietstockFinance

At the end of the morning session, the red color is more dominant when looking at the overall sectors. Among them, seafood processing is the industry with the strongest increase with an increase of 1.92%. On the contrary, electrical equipment was the industry with the strongest decline with a decrease of 1.56%.

Foreign investors net sold nearly 197 billion VND on the floor HOSE with the highest selling volume being stocks HPG. On the floor HNXforeign investors net sold nearly 6 billion VND, focusing mainly on IDC shares.

10:30: Red covers the market

The overwhelming selling force completely caused all major indexes to decline. As of 10:30 a.m., VN-Index decreased nearly 7 points, trading around 1,220 points. HNX-Index decreased 0.51 points, trading around 252 points.

Stocks such as MWG, VPB, FPT and SSB are codes that negatively impact the VN30-Index by taking away more than 4 points from the overall index. The green color only appears in a few codes HPGSTB and SHB with contributions of 1.15 points, 0.48 points and 0.12 points respectively to the general market.

The banking sector is under strong selling pressure when most stocks are in the red. Specifically, EIB decreased by 2.56%, VPB, MSB, VIB, TPB both had a decrease of over 1%. Only STB and SHB are two rare codes that still maintain their upward momentum with increases of 0.77% and 0.41% respectively.

Meanwhile, positive sentiment is present in the seafood processing industry. Outstanding yes SJ1 increased by 4.27%, VHC increase 1.3 and IDI increased more than 1%. Only only ACL recorded a decrease of 1.7%.

Compared to the beginning of the session, the sellers are overwhelmingly dominant. The number of decreasing codes was 381 codes and the number of increasing codes was 235 codes.

Opening: Cautious at the beginning of the session

The main indexes on the market decreased slightly in the morning session. In there, VN-Index decreased 3.8 points, trading around 1,224 points. HNX-Index decreased nearly 0.5 points, trading around 252 points.

In the basket VN30, the sellers are completely dominant, including 6 codes increasing, 20 codes decreasing and 4 codes remaining unchanged. The most actively traded basket is GAS with an increase of more than 2%. Following are the codes HPG, STBPLX.

The green color spread widely across industry groups in the early trading session. In particular, the group of construction materials stocks stands out compared to the remaining industries. Typically, stocks like VGS (+3.9%), HSG (+2.1%), TLH (+2%)…

Mining stocks continue to grow steadily in the market as most codes are around the reference level. Among them, codes increased well such as PVB increased by 0.9%, PVC increased by 0.5%,…

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