Shark Tue Lam was pregnant with her 7x Western husband but was hospitalized for a whole month amid public pressure, Shark Binh’s ex-wife comforted her.

Shark Tue Lam was pregnant with her 7x Western husband but was hospitalized for a whole month amid public pressure, Shark Binh’s ex-wife comforted her.
Shark Tue Lam was pregnant with her 7x Western husband but was hospitalized for a whole month amid public pressure, Shark Binh’s ex-wife comforted her.

WATCH VIDEO: Shark Tue Lam speaks up about the comment that her real name is Tuoi (Source: Shark Tank Vietnam Fanpage).

After becoming the youngest businesswoman to sit in the hot seat of the program Shark Tank Vietnam, Le Han Tue Lam is a name that attracts a lot of attention. Shark Tue Lam has caused a lot of controversy surrounding her knowledge and experience at such a young age compared to other businessmen. In addition to being questioned about his investment capacity, this young “shark” is also entangled in controversies related to personal information, from real name, education level, marriage, to beauty.

Faced with a series of rumors, Le Han Tue Lam had almost no objections other than showing his birth certificate in a behind-the-scenes clip. Shark Tank. When the online community flooded her personal page demanding confirmation, Tue Lam just quietly blocked comments on her personal page.

In recent days, Shark Le Han Tue Lam has received a lot of discussion from the online community because he was accused of lying about his real name and educational background.

Faced with that harshness, Shark Tue Lam made an official statement about this incident. On her personal page recently, the female “shark” posted a long article, in which she spent most of it talking about how she never wanted to go on television to polish her image or call for investment capital. private. She confirmed the reason for appearing above Shark Tank I want to invest and help young startups: “I would like to reaffirm that my participation, in addition to respecting the station’s invitation, has no other goal than the mission assigned by the fund: Finding startups to invest in them.”

Tue Lam also emphasized: “I also reaffirm that I have never wanted or considered myself a role model for young people. I know where I am, I have to learn many things, and many of my peers are many times better and more successful than me. ..”

Tue Lam spoke up about the reason for appearing on Shark Tank Vietnam.

She said she knows where she stands and has never considered herself an idol for young people. Regarding inaccurate or incomplete information, Shark Tue Lam explained: “My personal information about my name, education, and work experience before joining the fund was confirmed by an independent third party and there has never been a violation in providing inaccurate information.”

She affirmed that the information about her name and qualifications are correct.

At the same time, the businesswoman caused sympathy when she revealed that over the past month she had to be hospitalized due to poor health. She announced that she would temporarily suspend all social media activities and not accept press interviews to focus on taking care of her family. According to the businesswoman’s revelation, she is pregnant with her first child with her Western husband, so she will retire to take care of the family.

Tue Lam shares: “The past few days should have been my happiest and most awaited days as a woman, but my health is very bad, I have been in the hospital for a month now and still need treatment at home. . My job really doesn’t need much noise, but the influence and resonance of Shark Tank has surpassed my initial imagination. So, I hope everything will stop and would like to announce it. From today, I will be offline from social networks, media, events and will not answer interviews for the next 1-2 years. For me right now, it’s about taking care of my family and focusing on welcoming a new member. is more important.”

The young businesswoman revealed that she was hospitalized for a month due to pressure.

She also said she is pregnant with her first child with her 22-year-old Western husband.

It is known that Le Han Tue Lam married a Western husband, Mr. Loic Faussier, born in 1972. Tue Lam’s 7x husband is a Master of Economics, Doctor of Law at the Paris Academy of Politics, and once held the position of General Director. Director of a large bank in Vietnam.

Under the article, Shark Binh’s ex-wife immediately left a comforting message because she sympathized with the pressure her younger brother was going through: “Having also experienced a lot of pressure, I feel that everything will pass, and I will become more mature, realizing many valuable things that without turbulence, perhaps that destiny could not come. If you always try and strive to overcome yourself, good things will come, and you have been like that for many years, girl. Congratulations on the magical addition to your family!”

Shark Binh’s ex-wife comforted him out of sympathy.

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