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On the morning of November 20, the National Assembly (NA) discussed in the hall the results of monitoring the resolution of voters’ petitions sent to the 5th session of the 15th National Assembly.

You can check anywhere you want

National Assembly delegate Nguyen Anh Tri (Hanoi delegation) said that voters have a lot of opinions about going to the doctor, patients having to ask for a hospital transfer certificate is very troublesome, very time-consuming, and very tiring. Currently, information technology has advanced and the communication of test results, functional exploration, and image diagnosis is quite smooth.

Mr. Tri said that currently, more than 93% of the Vietnamese population has health insurance, so the need to apply for hospital transfer papers should be abolished, and at the same time suggested promoting the connection more effectively.

“In particular, in the upcoming revision of the Health Insurance Law, we must make it so that people with health insurance can get medical treatment wherever they want, in accordance with their disease status, quality of medical examination and treatment, travel time, and care conditions. care and must consider this as the most important amendment in this amendment” – Delegate Tri said.

Delegate Nguyen Anh Tri suggested that in the upcoming revision of the Health Insurance Law, attention should be paid to the list of drugs covered by health insurance because the treatment with which drug and which regimen is based on the disease state, severity of disease, experience, and progress. World medicine… to achieve the best results for patients. Which medicine or regimen the patient uses, if it is correct and effective… then the health insurance will pay exactly that.

Delegate Nguyen Van Huy expressed his opinion on extra teaching and learning. Photo: PHAM THANG

Regarding the issue of hospital transfer papers, Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan said that solving the hospital transfer issue to reduce procedures for people must ensure the sustainability of the health system as well as avoid overloading at the local level. somehow. The problem of solving hospital overcrowding has had to be explained by many ministers.

According to Minister Dao Hong Lan, with the Law on Medical Examination and Treatment, the old law stipulates that medical examination and treatment is divided into 4 levels, while the new law divides it into 3 levels, clearly stating the conditions for which level of medical examination and treatment, based on which level. on the facility’s ability to respond and the patient’s condition. Since 2014, the transfer from lower to higher lines must be sequential, but by 2016, district-level lines will be opened and in 2021, provincial lines will be opened. The transfer to facilitate people has basically been resolved. The problem now is whether people can go directly from the district line to the central level or not. However, to reduce administrative procedures, the Ministry of Health will absorb and focus on using electronic referrals, relieving difficulties for people.

It is difficult to handle tutoring outside of school

Responding to the comments of National Assembly Delegate Nguyen Van Huy (Thai Binh delegation) regarding tutoring and extra learning, Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son reiterated the questions many voters sent to him. Question: When will the Minister be able to wipe out the practice of tutoring and extra learning throughout Vietnam?

The “Commander” of the Education and Training sector said this is a very big deal and the ministry has analyzed and responded to this issue.

According to the Minister, it can be said that tutoring, tutoring or the desire to study outside of school is a real need and in the process of meeting the needs of learners, these activities are also very diverse. The Ministry of Education and Training has many regulatory documents, especially Circular 17 regulating the control of extra teaching and learning within the framework of schools, on issues regulated in the ethics of teachers, in The school’s code of conduct, school culture, teachers’ performance of public duties… are also very complete with regulations for extra teaching and learning activities in the school environment.

“However, for the non-school environment, there is still a lack of a legal basis to manage, regulate, monitor and handle this work” – he said.

The Minister of Education and Training said that during the process of amending the Investment Law, the ministry sent documents to the Economic Committee of the National Assembly, the Ministry of Planning and Investment, and the Prime Minister in 2020 requesting to supplement tutoring, Learn to add to the list of conditional business occupations. However, it is unclear why during the 2020 to 2021 process this was not approved.

On November 21, the National Assembly discussed in the hall the work reports of the Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court and the Director of the Supreme People’s Procuracy; crime prevention and law violations; judgment enforcement work; anti-corruption work in 2023.

VAT should be reduced to 8%

On the afternoon of November 20, the National Assembly discussed reducing value added tax (VAT). Minister of Finance Ho Duc Phoc presented the proposal, saying that the Government proposes to continue reducing VAT in the first 6 months of 2024 (from January 1 to June 30) to support businesses and people. people. Specifically, it is proposed to continue reducing the VAT rate by 2% for groups of goods and services currently subject to a 10% tax rate. Some product and service groups such as telecommunications, information technology, financial activities, banking, securities, insurance, real estate business… are not eligible for this reduction.

Giving their opinions at the meeting, many National Assembly delegates agreed with the Government’s proposal.

Borrowing capital to build ships, fishermen are drowning in debt

Responding to the issue of Delegate Duong Van Phuoc (Quang Nam delegation) about “fishermen barely alive drowning in debt from commercial banks when borrowing to build ships under Decree 67”, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (Agriculture-Development) Le Minh Hoan said that currently the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has completed a draft amendment to Decree 67 to submit to the Government, including resolving debts of fishermen who borrowed money to build ships from banks recently. . According to him, banking transactions with ship owners are civil economic transactions and now there are problems arising. However, the Minister said “it is also very emotional when the fishermen who were honored in the past are now people who have to leave their homes due to the bank foreclosing their debts”.

Minister Le Minh Hoan said that the complicated story of fishermen’s boats in Decree 67 is not just a matter of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, not just a mechanism or policy of the Government. Minister Le Minh Hoan also said that when amending Decree 67, the ministry is aiming to ask banks to restructure debt to allow ship owners, when they can no longer repay the debt, to transfer the ship to another person. other.

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