It is necessary to announce salary and Tet bonus 2024 20 days before the holiday

It is necessary to announce salary and Tet bonus 2024 20 days before the holiday
It is necessary to announce salary and Tet bonus 2024 20 days before the holiday

In the plan to take care of Tet 2024, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor assigned grassroots unions to monitor the payment of salaries and Tet bonuses as well as reasonable working, rest, and overtime times for workers. .

This year’s Lunar New Year holiday lasts from December 29, Quy Mao to the end of January 5, Giap Thin (February 8 – February 14, 2024). Therefore, according to the union’s recommendation, businesses need to publicly announce their Tet bonus plans no later than January 19, 2024.

According to Mr. Ngo Duy Hieu, Vice President of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Tet bonuses are not a mandatory regulation in the Labor Code. But for workers, no matter how difficult it is, they still look forward to Tet bonuses. Tet bonuses, in addition to their material value, also greatly motivate the workers’ spirit.

Mr. Hieu said that businesses with high social responsibility always consider Tet bonuses as a way to retain workers and increase productivity.

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It is forecast that from now until early 2024, the socio-economic situation will still have many challenges, affecting wages and income of workers. Therefore, if the Tet bonus does not meet expectations, employees also need to share difficulties with the business, because the goal of labor relations is harmony and progress.

The General Confederation of Labor also assigned the grassroots level to classify the level of difficulty of the enterprise to choose an appropriate form of negotiation, ensuring the rights of workers.

For difficult workers, the union allocates a support budget of 500,000 VND per person, with the number not exceeding 10% of the union members of the management unit. In places where socialization resources are mobilized, the level of money and amount of support may be higher than prescribed. Workers who are far from home and are facing difficulties are supported with free air and train tickets to return home to celebrate Tet.

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