Minister To Lam: The number of crimes related to social order tends to increase and become complicated


Minister of Public Security To Lam spoke before the National Assembly on the morning of November 21 – Photo: GIA HAN

Crimes related to corruption and positions in the past year were also found to have increased significantly, more than 51.6%.

According to Minister To Lam, the rate of investigating and discovering crimes related to social order reached 81.6%, of which very serious cases reached more than 93%, exceeding the target assigned by the National Assembly.

However, the rate of resolving information, criminal denunciations and recommendations for prosecution is more than 85%, not meeting assigned requirements.

Director of the Supreme People’s Procuracy Le Minh Tri reported to the National Assembly that in the past year, he has increased coordination with the Ministry of Public Security and the Supreme People’s Court to speed up the progress of investigation, prosecution and trial. many major corruption and economic cases.

Thereby, a huge amount of money was distrained, frozen, temporarily detained, amounting to more than 389,000 billion VND. The asset recovery rate in corruption cases is quite high, up to nearly 85%.

However, the director said administrative complaints, civil cases, commercial and labor cases increased. Emerging are disputes related to land use rights, civil contract disputes…

“According to the law, the People’s Procuracy must perform additional tasks of exercising prosecutorial power and supervising compliance with the law in receiving and resolving denunciations and crime reports to commune and ward police. Yes There are more than 10,500 commune-level police units but there is no procuracy at the commune level, so there is great pressure on the procuracy sector” – Mr. Tri said.

National Assembly delegates attending the session – Photo: GIA HAN

The Director of the Supreme People’s Procuracy said that from the practice of resolving a number of recent criminal cases, it has been shown that one of the causes leading to crimes is due to the promulgation of legal normative documents with loopholes.

Therefore, it is recommended that the National Assembly have a mechanism to control the promulgation of normative documents under the law more strictly, and consider responsibility in cases of promulgation of documents that cause serious consequences.

Many crime prevention solutions

According to Minister To Lam, the situation of crime and law violations is still complicated and tends to increase, mainly due to economic and social difficulties that create conditions for crime to arise. violate, violate the law; Resources for preventing and combating crime and law violations are limited; The capacity and sense of responsibility of a part of officials, civil servants and public employees have not met practical requirements.

The Minister stated many synchronous solutions to prevent crime, including continuing to strengthen the fight against all types of crimes, effectively implementing the work of receiving and handling denunciations and information about crimes…

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