Wage reform by job position: A major breakthrough


This will help improve the lives of officials, civil servants and public employees, promote increased labor productivity as well as improve the effectiveness and efficiency of state management.

Implementing salary reform according to the principles set out in Resolution No. 27-NQ/TU will meet the life needs of officials and employees in the Education sector. Photo: Nhat Nam

Retain quality human resources

At the sixth session, the 15th National Assembly passed a Resolution on the state budget estimate for 2024 with content on salary policy. In particular, the National Assembly resolved that from July 1, 2024, it will implement a comprehensive reform of salary policy according to Resolution No. 27-NQ/TU (May 21, 2018) of the Seventh Conference, Executive Committee. Executive Committee of the Party Central Committee (term XII) on salary policy reform for cadres, civil servants, public employees, armed forces and workers in enterprises.

Salary reform according to Resolution No. 27-NQ/TU will create salary tables by job position, including: Officials, civil servants, and public employees holding leadership positions (elected and appointed) in the system politics from central to commune level; according to civil servant ranks and professional titles of civil servants, applicable generally to civil servants and public employees who do not hold leadership positions; military officers, officers, police non-commissioned officers (according to position, title and military rank or rank); Professional military personnel, technical expertise of the police; defense workers, police workers.

Along with that, the new policy rearranges the current allowance regimes, ensuring the salary structure includes: Basic salary accounts for about 70% and allowances account for about 30% of the total salary fund; supplement the bonus fund by about 10% of the year’s total salary fund (excluding allowances).

Vice Rector of the National Economics University Hoang Van Cuong said that when implemented, the new salary policy will impact many fields, encourage creative labor, create more value, and retain employees. High quality talent and human resources dedicated to serving the public sector.

Standing Member of the National Assembly’s Social Committee Dinh Ngoc Quy said that this is also the basis for spreading to other areas when the wage reform policy ensures the lowest wage in the public sector is equal to the wage level. lowest regional average of the business sector.

“Private sectors will also rely on public sector salary reform to build salaries for workers commensurate with their positions,” Mr. Dinh Ngoc Quy said.

Salary reform according to job position encourages civil servants to work effectively. In the photo: Officials, civil servants, and public employees performing work at the “one-stop” department of Chuong My District People’s Committee. Photo: Quang Thai

Continue to review and complete the list of job positions

To implement the above important policy, Minister of Home Affairs Pham Thi Thanh Tra said that from 2016 up to now, ministries, branches and localities have basically implemented the construction of job positions. Up to now, the list for administrative agencies and organizations has 866 job positions; Public service units have 615 job positions and commune-level officials and civil servants have 17 job positions. The total number of positions and leadership positions is 232 positions, from central to commune level.

For agencies belonging to the Party, the Fatherland Front, and socio-political organizations, the Central Organizing Committee will provide direction to ensure synchronization in the entire political system. For National Assembly agencies, the Delegates Working Committee under the National Assembly Standing Committee is assigned to implement all content related to the construction of job positions, implementation of salary payment according to job position, Meets the spirit of implementing salary policy reform from July 1, 2024.

“The Ministry has also requested ministries, branches and localities to urgently complete the list of job positions to promptly implement salary policy reform. On the other hand, the Ministry continues to report to the Central Steering Committee on payroll management to deploy synchronously and ensure unity,” said Minister of Home Affairs Pham Thi Thanh Tra.

Regarding reviewing and making a list of job positions, Director of Hanoi Department of Home Affairs Tran Dinh Canh said that agencies and units in Hanoi city are continuing to review the list of job positions, job position description and capacity framework, report to the Department of Home Affairs to decide to approve the job position project for administrative agencies and organizations; Decision to approve adjustment of employment positions for administrative agencies and organizations according to the authorization decision of the Chairman of the City People’s Committee.

In addition, units and localities also conduct a comprehensive review of the plan for using civil servants and public employees, the current status of the payroll and register recruitment targets and reception targets to organize their organization. Recruit and supplement missing human resources according to regulations.

National Assembly Member Nguyen Thi Viet Nga (Hai Duong Delegation):

The new salary will meet life needs


It can be said that the content of salary reform received great attention from National Assembly delegates, a large number of voters and the people on the agenda of the sixth session of the 15th National Assembly. In particular, for the cadres, civil servants and public employees who receive salaries from the state budget, this is a matter of great expectation. Because, according to the current salary calculation method, the salaries of these subjects are very low, out of date compared to the price level and life needs in general.

The team of officials, civil servants, and public employees all hope that, with this recognition, the new salary will meet life’s needs. Among them, we must mention the medical forces, doctors, teachers, and people working in the health and education sectors. For specific industries such as Education and Health, in addition to salary, it is necessary to pay attention to job-specific allowances and it is important that these allowances have the effect of improving the income of people in the industry. , not only has the effect of motivating the spirit.

Senior expert of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs Bui Sy Loi:

Re-assign labor appropriately


I think that currently the salaries of officials, civil servants and public employees are still not enough to cover life’s needs, so it is very difficult to create a team of professional, diligent and effective civil servants and public employees. The reform of salary policy will ensure the lives of officials, civil servants and public employees, and meet the increase in the cost of living in the market; At the same time, ensure adequate salaries, reflecting the true value of the labor of officials, civil servants and public employees.

Besides, it is necessary to continue to reorganize the organization to be lean and effective; innovate the organization and management system, improve the quality and operational efficiency of public service units. We must clearly realize that streamlining payroll is a prerequisite for wage policy reform; It is necessary to create a list of job positions, ensuring a reasonable reassignment of labor, contributing to increasing labor productivity and creating social growth for national development. In addition, it is necessary to transform public service units towards autonomy and self-responsibility.

Civil servant of Office – Statistics, People’s Committee of Quan Thanh ward (Ba Dinh district, Hanoi) Nguyen Thi Bao Yen:

Create equality in income


The National Assembly’s adoption of a comprehensive reform of salary policy from July 1, 2024 is what civil servants and public employees like us most hope for. It can be seen that the negative effects among a section of cadres, civil servants and public employees may be due to the fact that their income does not ensure their living standards.

Salary reform aims to ensure fair wages, bonus levels, and work assignment regimes. From there, establish fairness in the income of workers in the same group. This will create peace of mind for current officials and civil servants. At the same time, the state apparatus can promote streamlining payrolls and promoting individual capabilities, thereby ensuring job positions. The upcoming salary reform will also ensure that public sector salaries gradually approach and do not differ from corporate sector salaries so that the state sector can attract high-quality human resources with a good salary regime. satisfactory salary.

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