KRX entered the sprint phase, stock stocks started a rising wave

KRX entered the sprint phase, stock stocks started a rising wave
KRX entered the sprint phase, stock stocks started a rising wave

Updated information from the KRX system helped stock stocks increase sharply in the first session of the week. From the beginning of November until now, stocks SSI, VND, VIX, SHS have all increased by 15 – 30%.

Under the first big selling pressure after information related to the Van Thinh Phat case, the stock market still recorded a recovery in the afternoon session; VN-Index closed up more than 2 points and successfully defended the 1,100 mark.

Demand started in the VN30 basket of banking stocks before weakening at the end of the session. In return, the securities group became the highlight when this industry index increased by more than 3% – the strongest in the market.

SSI is the stock with the strongest increase in VN30 and along with VND, BSI and VIX are the leaders sending positive signals in the securities group. Except for CSI, PHS, VFS and DSC, which are still in the red, green is present in most remaining codes, with the main increase ranging from 1 – 4%.

Closing, BSI shares were raised to the ceiling price of 44,800 VND/share; CTS increased by 5.6%, VIX – VND increased by 4.3% and 4.7% respectively, MBS increased by 3.9%; FTS, SHS, AGR groups increased by over 3%; Leading stock SSI increased by 2.9%; Two other big companies, VCI and HCM, also increased over 2%,… SSI and VND also reached the Top 10 stocks with the most positive impact on the HOSE index.

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It is known that the driving force that helped securities stocks increase sharply in the first session of the week came from the information about the penultimate KRX system testing from November 20. According to the plan, the KRX system will run tests until the end of December before being officially put into operation.

The application of KRX will be the key to helping market liquidity increase sharply, thereby affecting the business story of the securities group in the near future.

Observing on the technical chart, despite recording a recovery of 15 – 30% from the beginning of November until now, profit-taking sellers have not yet put pressure on the price of this group’s stocks. The RSI of most top stocks is only approaching 60 points.

Another factor to pay attention to is that liquidity in popular codes such as VND, SHS, SSI or VIX is still increasing. Signs of large cash flows were also recorded in the past 2 weeks.

4/5 of the most traded stocks on November 20 were representatives of the securities group

At the Vietnam Investment Forum 2024 with the theme “Follow the cash flow” recently organized by VietnamBiz in collaboration with the Vietnam Chief Financial Officers Club (CFO Vietnam), experts continued to make positive forecasts. about the prospects of cash flow in the stock market in the coming time, especially when the KRX system is expected to be put into operation later this year.

According to information, with the information technology platform for the market – the KRX project is about to end its testing phase and is expected to operate at the end of this year, which is expected to open up many new prospects for the Vietnamese stock market. The coming time includes diversifying products and services as well as opportunities to upgrade the market.

“The technologies and features that come with the KRX project can be a premise to put into operation new trading products that current technology limitations do not allow us to operate. Regardless of the legal basis, Many products already exist in legal documents. In the near future, we will diversify new products,” said a representative of the State Securities Commission.

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