Investors look to construction stocks, VN-Index successfully conquers 1,110 points

Investors look to construction stocks, VN-Index successfully conquers 1,110 points
Investors look to construction stocks, VN-Index successfully conquers 1,110 points

After a relatively cautious morning session, especially in the bluechip group when there was almost no change, the market entered the afternoon session with a slight decrease in height and then became more positive when the number of green codes on the electronic board was significant improvement.

This helped the VN-Index gradually move up to the threshold of 1,110 points, although the upward process encountered shaking and the session ended just above this mark.

Closing, HOSE had 333 codes increasing and 173 codes decreasing, VN-Index increased 6.80 points (+0.62%), to 1,110.46 points. Total trading volume reached more than 712.6 million units, worth 14,882.5 billion VND, down 15% in volume and 12% in value compared to yesterday’s session. Agreement transactions contributed more than 110.7 million units, worth VND 2,182 billion.

Although bluechips only increased slightly, the number of gainers dominated with 22 codes in the VN30 basket inching up, with BID being the leader with +1.9% to 43,950 VND, followed by MSN +1.6% to VND. 64,600 VND, HPG +1.5% to 27,050 VND, FPT inched up 1.3%. The remaining gainers all only increased slightly, such as VNM, VHM, SSI, ACB, VJC, VPB, MWG, PLX, GAS…

Only a few codes remained, BCM -2% to 60,200 VND, along with VIC, CTG, TCB, TPB slightly down less than 1%, while BVH, HDB and SSB returned to the reference price.

Liquidity in the group with HPG is outstanding with more than 26.7 million units matched, SSI matched 17.2 million units, banking groups MBB, HDB, STB, VPB, SHB matched 5.8 million to 8.85 million units. million units.

In the group of small and medium-sized stocks, construction industry codes somewhat outperformed the general market, with HBC, TV2, and NTL all hitting the ceiling when closing.

Other codes in this group such as CTD +5.3% to 65,800 VND, NHA +5.2% to 18,350 VND, KPF +4.6% to 5,390 VND, TLD +4.2% to 5,740 VND, CTR +3 8% to 88,100 VND, CCL +3.6% to 6,970 VND, CII +3.2% to 17,500 VND, LCG, VCG, HHV, C47, FCN also ended in the green. Among them, CII is the best matching code with more than 7.34 million units.

Other industry groups all had slight differentiation and fluctuations, except for a few individual names such as BMP +4.6% to 93,900 VND, PVD +4.1% to 27,800 VND, DGW +3.9% to 53,000 VND, PET +3.5% to 25,350 VND…

Other notable are the two securities company stocks VND and VIX, surpassing HPG in terms of matched volume with 33.6 million and 29.3 million units and both inched up with VIX +0.6% up. 17,000 VND, VND +2.4% to 21,700 VND.

On the HNX, the HNX-Index almost just moved sideways around the threshold at the end of the morning session and suddenly had a positive increase in the last minutes, bringing the index to the highest level of the day when it closed.

At the end of the session, the HNX floor had 92 codes increasing and 58 codes decreasing, HNX-Index increased 2.02 points (+0.89%), to 229.8 points. The total matched volume reached more than 91.3 million units, valued at 1,927.2 billion VND. Agreement transactions included an additional 7.28 million units, worth 139.4 billion VND.

Stocks that bounced significantly included HUT +5.5% to 21,000 VND, P series codes with PVS +5.2% to 38,500 VND, PVC +4.1% to 15,200 VND, PVB +3.7% to 22,300 VND.

Other green colors also appeared at VIG, TNG, IDJ, APS, IDC, MBS, TIG, CEO, meanwhile, VFS and CEO stood at the reference price, matching from 0.64 million to 16.4 million units, only SHS matched. highest order on the exchange with more than 20.9 million units.

On UpCoM, the UpCoM-Index increased its downward momentum in the afternoon session, but also recovered and began to surpass the reference at the end of the session.

Closing, UpCoM-Index increased 0.09 points (+0.1%), to 86.22 points. The total matched volume reached more than 25.3 million units, worth 375.2 billion VND. Agreement transactions included an additional 0.73 million units, worth 6.2 billion VND.

Most of the high liquidity codes have successfully reversed and increased, with the codes TVN, CEN, PXS, and KVC gaining the best, inching up 4-5%.

Meanwhile, BSR +3.2% to 19,200 VND, matched order is still the highest code in UpCoM with more than 7.57 million units.

In the derivatives market, All four VN30 index futures contracts increased, with increases ranging from 4 to nearly 12 points.

Of which, VN30F2312 increased by 9 points, equivalent to +0.82% to 1,111 points, matching orders reached more than 289,660 units, opening volume of more than 51,700 units.

In the warrant market, This session, the code CHPG2325 had the best order matching with 3.26 million units and the price increased 15% to 460 VND/cq.

Lac Nhan

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