Phuong Uyen and Thanh Ha got married in the US

The wedding took place at a tea room in California with about 20 tables, gathering many close friends of both artists Quang Dung, Bang Kieu, Phuong Thanh, Hong Ngoc, Ky Duyen – Trinh Hoi… Thanh Ha in a dress. white cup chest and Phuong Uyen wears a white suit with the same tone. The wedding party is decorated airy and romantic with lights, trees and center stage.

With limited guests, the wedding atmosphere is private but cozy, intimate, everyone can exchange and chat easily with each other and the two main characters. Ex-husband of singer Thu Phuong – musician Huy MC is in charge of music for the wedding party, MC Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen leads the wedding party.

Singer Phuong Thanh could not hide her excitement when she had a show in the US and attended the wedding of two close friends. She decided to wear sexy clothes with a stylized shirt showing off her belly and teased musician Phuong Uyen for missing “Chat Mouse” (Chanh is Phuong Thanh’s intimate name – PV). She shared that she was the one who snatched the bride’s bouquet, but was later snatched by another person, and declared that she would not “live her husband’s life”.

Phuong Thanh and Huy MC.

The party guests shared the same joy and happiness with Phuong Uyen and Thanh Ha when they both found their true half after many years of searching. The two are in sync in both life and music when giving each other songs and melodies expressing passionate love over the past time in their own MVs or albums. Although they have been living together for a while and the wedding was revealed early, on the official happy day, they could not hide their emotions when they spoke sincere words to each other.

During the wedding, Phuong Uyen confided that she used to know many people and thought it was love, but only when she came and stayed with Thanh Ha did she realize that difficult and painful feelings no longer affected her much. She said that when she first met, Thanh Ha had an oversized appearance, so she was very sensitive and easily aggressive. At that time, she was afraid to look into Thanh Ha’s eyes, but those eyes showed her that inside Thanh Ha contained many feelings and hurt, but her beautiful and sweet soul made her sympathize and decide to fall in love. Phuong Uyen praised Thanh Ha for singing well, cooking well, treating people well and revealing that she is not good at technology, doesn’t know how to use email and Facebook.

Thanh Ha and Phuong Uyen.

Thanh Ha says she loves Phuong Uyen in English. She thanked Phuong Uyen for giving the love she did not dare to dream of and was willing to sacrifice to bring happiness to both of them. She promised to drink coffee with Phuong Uyen every morning or sing all Phuong Uyen songs in the morning. work.

Thanh Ha hopes to have a lot of health so that she can be with Phuong Uyen for a long time. She discovered the tumor in 2009 after fainting on stage during a private concert. After the surgery, Thanh Ha had to rest for a long time to stabilize and recover. Thanh Ha continued to detect another tumor in her body in 2018, but because of her age and limited health, she could not perform surgery but used drugs. The side effects of the drug made the female singer’s body retain water, causing people to bloat and gain weight uncontrollably.

Thanh Ha and Phuong Uyen publicize their love story on Valentine’s Day February 14. The two are open and often post common pictures but do not respond to the press about love. The two made the MV “With each other have the whole world” and made the music night to introduce the album composed by Phuong Uyen in June 22nd in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

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