Pregnant girlfriend, Brazil’s No. 1 superstar only accepts children


In the match in the 1/8 round between Brazil and Korea this morning (December 6), Neymar had a great match. The Brazilian striker has just returned from injury and helped the home team win tickets to the quarterfinals.

Along with Ronaldo and Messi, Neymar is the most famous name in football. He is also the most expensive player in the world right now.

Neymar scored right after coming back from an ankle injury

Handsome, pompous, famous, so it’s no wonder he’s surrounded by hot pink balls.

Neymar owns a long “old love” collection, but perhaps the most prominent is still the girlfriend who gave birth to him at the age of 19 and the current girlfriend who broke up and reunited with Neymar.

The girlfriend gave birth when Neymar was 19 years old

In 2011, the world press simultaneously reported on the story of young Brazilian player Neymar having his first son. At that time, the Brazilian football “prodigy” was still playing for Santos club. The person who gave birth to him was his first love, 2 years younger than Carolina Dantas. However, after about a year of being together, when the two broke up, Carolina discovered that she was pregnant.

Neymar and his first love

When she knew about it, Neymar was by her side, encouraging her to give birth to a baby with peace of mind. He also stated that he would be responsible for his children but did not want to reunite with his ex-girlfriend because the relationship was over anyway.

Said and done, Neymar provided for Carolina during her pregnancy and stood by her side when she was in labor but was determined not to reunite or get married.

At first, Carolina still waited patiently and hoped Neymar would think again because she was still too young at the time. Davi’s son also needs a complete home. However, all was not as she expected. Both still go their separate ways.

Pregnant girlfriend, Brazil's No. 1 superstar only accepts children - Photo 3.

Neymar and his ex-girlfriend celebrate their son’s birthday

Pregnant girlfriend, Brazil's No. 1 superstar only accepts children - Photo 4.

Ex-girlfriend and son Neymar

However, Neymer was responsible for his son and fulfilled the duties of a very caring father. He often shares pictures of hanging out with his son, playing football with his son, telling stories.

Carolina, after several years of trying but could not shake Neymar, at the same time he also had a new love, so she began to look for other happiness. Neymar and his ex-girlfriend Carolina still maintain a close relationship, taking care of their son Davi Lucca together.

When Carolina has a boyfriend, businessman Vinicius Martinez, she often brings Davi with her on dates. It is known that the relationship of this new boyfriend and Neymar is also very good.

Pregnant girlfriend, Brazil's No. 1 superstar only accepts children - Photo 5.

Carolina got married in 2019

On Carolina’s wedding day in 2019, although he could not arrange to come, he posted a post on his personal page to congratulate him. Rafaella – Neymar’s sister attended the wedding as a bridesmaid for the “missing” sister-in-law.

After parting with Carolina, the PSG striker experienced a series of love affairs with many famous long legs. However, no one can stick with him for long.

The relationship of fusion and fusion with supermodels

At the end of 2021, rumors that he was dating model Bruna Biancardi appeared in the press. However, it was not until early 2022 that he made the relationship between the two public with many close photos on his personal page.

Neymar comfortably takes Bruna with him on a summer vacation, to meet friends or to celebrate the New Year with his family. This makes people think that it seems that the expensive superstar is looking for a mature relationship rather than the previous lightning-fast love scenes.

Pregnant girlfriend, Brazil's No. 1 superstar only accepts children - Photo 6.

Neymar’s current girlfriend

Bruna is a very famous model and social media star in Brazil. She has a standard body, a lovely face and is very popular in this country.

Neymar also did not hesitate to give his girlfriend a lot of love. He openly confessed his feelings on her birthday or secretly celebrated the holiday to congratulate his girlfriend.

However, in early April 2022, it was reported that Bruna broke up with Neymar because of a different schedule. The female model is tired of having to often fly far away to visit her lover. However, according to some other sources, Neymar is a jealous person.

He often called his girlfriend to question her after it was reported that she was dating actor Rodrigo Mussi. Due to feeling untrustworthy, the female model decided to break up. Later, both hands are seen again after making good.

Pregnant girlfriend, Brazil's No. 1 superstar only accepts children - Photo 7.

The two freely post love photos together

However, in August 2022, Bruna confirmed that she had parted with Neymar: “Since people ask and speculate so much, I want to make it clear that I’m single, not in love with anyone.”. She wrote on her personal page.

She also confirmed that the two broke up peacefully, no one had an affair or had any problems.

But in October 2022, Neymar showed off a photo of the two together with the comment: “Back, unconditional love”.

Pregnant girlfriend, Brazil's No. 1 superstar only accepts children - Photo 8.
Pregnant girlfriend, Brazil's No. 1 superstar only accepts children - Photo 9.

It seems that the couple has continued to reunite after a while of separation. And he must be very serious about this relationship, so Neymar has repeatedly “turned around” like that. Before that, many of his love affairs passed quickly, he soon found another girl and started a love circle.

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