What does Thuy Tien say when being criticized for charity?


After a period of silence, Thuy Tien has returned to be more active on social networks

Recently, singer Thuy Tien shared: “My commemorative conical hat when I went to the West to get relief from the drought and the central region. Thanks to it, it protected me when the sun was shining, it was still raining for many years and it is still a treasure. I asked the hairdresser to hold it for me to take pictures, but what did the hairdresser think? “Oh, I thought you picked up the hats of the girls who cut the trees in the resort, so I threw them under the grass and someone stole the peppers”.

Thuy Tien’s share immediately attracted the attention of netizens. In addition to the shared opinions, there are also many sarcastic comments, even criticizing Thuy Tien about the charity of 3 years ago. In it, there is an opinion that: “Going to the sun, reading the whole book of the Earth Store is all the sunshine of Miss Tien”.

Immediately, Thuy Tien commented and replied: “If I am wrong, God and Buddha will not leave me alone. As for you and I don’t know each other, believe me or not, I don’t care, but should not use the name of the classic to sarcastic jokes for the sake of harm and disaster like that.”

Thuy Tien’s every share attracts attention

Before that, female singer Thuy Tien was caught in a series of noises when she went to aid and charity. Despite the detailed and clear statement, up to now, the online community is still arguing about the female singer’s charity work.

Not long ago, the owner of the song “White Snow Dream” spoke up to explain the counting of ”6 bills of 500,000 VND into 5 million VND”. She asserted that she was unjustly edited because the clips were edited to make others think that she was stealing from charity.

Thuy Tien is also upset that despite having a clear livestream, many people intentionally cut and removed the following paragraph to spread the truth. This caused her to be criticized for stealing money. “Fairy knows that saying it out now won’t change anything, if you don’t believe it, they won’t believe it, but Tien thinks that those who are following Tien will feel more relieved when they hear the truth about the shared story. from the Tien” – the female singer explained.

Criticized again for charity, Thuy Tien harshly responded - Photo 4.
Criticized again for charity, Thuy Tien harshly responded - Photo 5.

Netizens criticized Thuy Tien’s charity story 3 years ago

After a quiet time due to charity noise, Thuy Tien is gradually returning to artistic activities and participating in entertainment events.


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