Not acting, Trieu Le Dinh surpasses her colleagues thanks to this


Among the small children after 85, it can be seen that Trieu Le Dinh has far surpassed her peers thanks to a series of successful transformations such as Happiness Comes Forever, The Wind Blows Half Summer,… Recently, the actress once again affirmed her solid position in showbiz through this detail.

Specifically, Zhao Liying was seen participating in voting at the conference of the China Television Artists Association as a new member of the Council. The actress’s name also appeared in the new list of board members announced on September 13. Many people were extremely surprised because Trieu Le Dinh herself had no formal acting training, no capital backing, played a supporting role for 7 consecutive years but was able to achieve admirable achievements.

Zhao Liying is a member of the Board of the China Television Artists Association

The reasons for Trieu Le Dinh’s presence in the Television Artists Association were hotly discussed by netizens. Many people think that in terms of acting, she is far behind other colleagues, and in terms of relationships, she is even more limited because of her straightforward and introverted personality.

According to many sources, Trieu Le Dinh achieved this position thanks to charity work for many years. The actress is quite diligent in contributing to social activities and creating a beautiful image in the eyes of the public. Aside from the scandal about marriage and divorce, Trieu Le Dinh’s private life is completely clean, with no major “scandals” regarding morality or personality.

Not acting, Trieu Le Dinh surpasses her colleagues thanks to this Photo 3
Trieu Le Dinh is very diligent in participating in charity activities and has a beautiful image in the eyes of the public.

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