Having doubts about the 200 million customer line, the female MC spoke up


In recent days, information about the incident where Ho Chi Minh City Police just destroyed a prostitution ring gathering beauty queens, beauty queens, and TikTokers has caused a stir in public opinion.

Many rumors about the identities of beauty queens and beauties in prostitution rings are widely discussed in the online community. One of the beauties discussed by the public is famous MC Thanh Thanh Huyen because her initials are the same as the name of a beauty queen who was arrested for “prostitution” for 200 million VND.

Recently, the famous MC officially spoke up to clarify the rumor when she was accidentally caught up in sensitive information on social networks.

“Let’s find out before being considered antiquated! Right when Huyen was diligently working as an MC, people who didn’t update the news carefully commented on false information on Huyen’s TikTok. Those people left it behind. I will report my phone number and address to the authorities. Doing so will not only pay the price for the law, but will also be punished by karma. Huyen will not delete any comments, because people lack culture and knowledge. That must be for everyone to see! SOS”the female MC spoke up.

In the story, Thanh Thanh Huyen frankly said: “Please read the newspaper to update accurate information about TTH, Huyen is still busy being an MC and contributing to the audience.”

In addition, she also compiled and photographed negative comments with false content saying she was a “flower seller” beauty queen. The female MC believes that this is evidence that the cyber police can rely on to punish those who spread false information.

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“Currently there are these people! The cyber police can find out who you are. Everyone, if you see anyone else commenting incorrectly, take a screenshot and text Huyen. Huyen reports it all at once, with evidence. to receive retribution later! Wishing everyone luck and peace in the new month. Once again, please update carefully about TTH (PV – the abbreviation of beauty queen)”Thanh Thanh Huyen stated.

Exchange with Reporter, Thanh Thanh Huyen’s personal manager affirmed that the rumors on social networks are baseless. The female MC is currently stopping at the warning level. If the matter is pushed too far, stronger measures will be taken.

It is known that Thanh Thanh Huyen was born in 1996 in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. She is one of the prominent MC faces of Vietnam Television. Thanh Huyen is also known for many roles as both a bilingual program host and a beautiful model.

The female MC is loved by a large audience because of her excellent talent and excellent educational achievements.

In 2015, Thanh Thanh Huyen tried her hand at the Miss Universe Vietnam contest and finished in the Top 15. The beauty participated in the Miss Charm contest in 2022 and stopped in the Top 20. Audiences often mention Thanh Thanh Huyen. with the nickname “MC leads 3000 words, 75 names without looking at the script”.

Not only bilingual English – Vietnamese hosting, Thanh Thanh Huyen also showed off her Thai speaking talent when hosting the final night of a competition for men in 2022.

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