Thanh Thao told the story of falling in love with a “playboy” rich man, being stopped by many people


Recently, singer Thanh Thao posted a status on her personal page, telling about her relationship with her husband 7 years ago as well as the hardships that brought the two of them together.

Accordingly, Thanh Thao said she met her husband at a Japanese restaurant. A friend in the group of friends accompanying Thanh Thao teased him in Vietnamese but he did not respond. Thinking he was Chinese, he used Chinese to tease him. Who knows, Thanh Thao’s husband is really Chinese, so he brought 4 glasses of wine to offer.

When they found out that he was fluent in Vietnamese, Thanh Thao’s group was so embarrassed because he listened to everything but did not respond. To relieve embarrassment, a friend in the group introduced singer Thanh Thao – a very famous person in Vietnam. Unexpectedly, he said he rarely listened to Vietnamese music so he didn’t know who Thanh Thao was.

Singer Thanh Thao.

So, a friend in the group encouraged him to take a photo with Thanh Thao and then ask a Vietnamese person if he knew who she was.

He took photos and sent them back to Vietnam to the staff. At that time, Thanh Thao’s husband was the owner of an import-export company of dental machinery and medical instruments and 2 dental offices in Da Nang.

Looking at the photo, the employee replied that he was singer Thanh Thao, then asked: “How do you know her?”? Thanh Thao’s husband immediately replied, “This is your girlfriend“.

The next day, he came to pick up Thanh Thao to have dinner with a group of friends, however, the two only really got to know each other when they happened to meet again afterwards.

Thanh Thao said: “And the next day, he came to my house to pick me up for dinner. Before I could see him, I heard the sound of a Masterari car rumbling in the alley. As I walked out the door, I saw a guy wearing ripped jeans, driving a 2-door car, looking very cool, making me want to retreat. Yes, but I thought he was handsome so I stopped following him.

Thanh Thao and her husband when they first met.

After having dinner with the whole group, everyone went their separate ways. We were constantly flying shows, he was busy with work, I thought I would never see him again. But as fate would have it, while they were shopping, they met each other by chance and this time it was just the two of them having dinner together.

Even though a series of objections followed from his acquaintances, they told him that this girl had many scandals, was very fierce, and should not be acquainted. His friends are sure that we cannot keep him for more than 1 year because he is fastidious, brave and very passionate about his work.

Finally, I have entered the 8th year. Besides quarrels due to disagreements, I have not suffered a single day since I met him. My life is truly full and peaceful with my family, children, and friends. Every week he sings and travels or joins him in marathons around the world.

I realized more and more that he loved me more than before. Knowing how to get along to avoid conflicts, the relationship becomes better, happier, and gives in to each other to be happier.“.

Thanh Thao tells the story of falling in love with a rich man
Thanh Thao tells the story of falling in love with a rich man

The sweet home of Thanh Thao and her husband after 7 years together.

The female singer also said that on the 7th anniversary of their acquaintance, she did not see her husband giving her flowers like every year, less romantic than the first few years, even though she still had gifts. At the same time, Thanh Thao also promised that after 10 years of knowing each other, she and her husband would have a wedding party on the beach, as beautiful and sparkling as in the movies.

She did not forget to send her love to her husband after 7 years together: “Thank you for always loving, caring, and taking care of me every day. Even though you often complain and complain, I am sure of one thing that you still love me very much and will be by my side for the rest of my life.“.

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