‘My husband and I spend our money separately’


Phuong Mai was born in 1990 and won a gold award Vietnamese supermodel 2012top 15 Miss Vietnamese World 2010top 10 Asian Supermodel 2009. She also participated in a number of movies such as: 13 female prisoners, When love speaks, Stiletto shoe conspiracy, Ghost apartment… Currently, Phuong Mai has become one of the most popular English and bilingual MCs on shows thanks to her charming style and ability to improvise.

Phuong Mai has a perfect married life with her Polish husband.

In 2019, she married Marcin (born in 1985) from Poland. After 4 years of living together, Phuong Mai and her husband have a son and their married life is increasingly fulfilling.

Phuong Mai confessed that since she married Marcin, an expert in the financial field, she has learned a lot of knowledge from her husband. In addition, showbiz activities also help her build personal reputation and improve communication skills to be able to support her husband in diplomacy, building and expanding relationships.

“As an artist, my weakness is that I constantly come up with many great ideas but am limited in how to manage my emotions, and easily act spontaneously because my ego is too high. Being with my husband, I learned to be mature and calm in decisions. I respect the way he never interferes in my work, but whenever I need advice, or simply someone to listen to my complaints, he is always ready,” Phuong Mai said.

The female MC always accompanies her husband on important occasions.

Before getting married with her Polish husband, the Hanoi-born supermodel was a personality, independent girl, always in control in work and life. After 4 years of marriage, she changed quite a lot, became less impatient and knew how to arrange to pursue her own career while taking care of the housework.

When asked if she manages her husband’s finances like many other wives, Phuong Mai shook her head and said: “We spend our money separately. My husband and I don’t even know exactly how much each person’s total personal assets are. We all have jobs, we all have the ability to create our own wealth and we all have the right to spend on what we like.

Of course, when we need to spend on larger things related to valuable assets or investments, we still notify and discuss with each other, based on the principle of self-responsibility.” The beauty frankly said that she does not consider herself to have the right to manage anyone’s finances. Every family has its own way of living, as long as they are happy and satisfied with it.

The female MC has had many positive changes since getting married and becoming a mother.

At the end of the year, both Phuong Mai and Marcin are busy. While her husband often goes on business trips abroad, the female MC is busy running shows. Baby Henryk, the couple’s first son, has gone to kindergarten and always has a maid to take care of him, so they both feel secure every time they go away from home. However, so that her son does not feel like his parents are missing, Phuong Mai always tries to stay home and take care of the child while her husband goes abroad on business. She still manages to arrange her own time to exercise with many sports.

Western husband gave MC Phuong Mai a diamond ring worth 1 billion VNDOn the occasion of their 4th wedding anniversary, Marcin’s husband surprised MC Phuong Mai by giving her a bouquet of roses and a diamond ring worth more than 1 billion VND.

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