Kha Nhu – Puka met each other at Phuong Lan’s wedding, standing close to their relatives


On the afternoon of November 20, the wedding of couple Phuong Lan – Phan Dat brought together many famous Vbiz artists. After the lavish wedding at all three locations, couple Puka – Gin Tuan Kiet also arranged time to congratulate their colleagues on their happy day. Notably, Kha Nhu also attended this wedding. Kha Nhu – Puka’s encounter quickly attracted the media’s attention when recently the two were continuously suspected of quitting after a period of close association.

At the guest check-in table, Puka and Kha Nhu stood next to each other. Both wore black and white outfits, in accordance with the main character’s dresscode requirements. It can be seen that the two female comedians still interact and chat comfortably with the people around them.

The moment Puka – Kha Nhu stood next to each other at the check-in desk attracted attention

Kha Nhu and Puka stood next to each other at the check-in area for guests

Both still comfortably interact with people around them

Recently, Kha Nhu – Puka’s relationship has become a hot topic of discussion on social networks. Many people speculate that the two have stopped playing while looking into movie stars Mrs. Nu’s House was not present on any of Puka – Gin Tuan Kiet’s happy days even though the actors’ wedding series was held in all 3 locations (Khanh Hoa, Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Thap).

When the stars rushed to Dong Thap – Puka’s hometown for the wedding, Kha Nhu only posted photos of playing with her pets at home. However, the hidden status line she wrote caused netizens to discuss: “Isn’t the joy of everyday seeing the people you love always happy? And Meo (Kha Nhu’s nickname) is also happy.”

Kha Nhu encountered Puka at Phuong Lan's wedding, standing close to her relatives - Photo 7.

The engagement ceremony and wedding of Puka – Gin Tuan Kiet previously took place at many locations, gathering many Vbiz stars but absolutely no Kha Nhu.

Kha Nhu encountered Puka at Phuong Lan's wedding, standing close to her relatives - Photo 8.

On Puka’s happy day in Dong Thap, Kha Nhu only posted a photo at home with a status line implying blessing to someone

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