Hong Dang returns to filming after love scandal?


GD&TD – Hong Dang remains absolutely silent about his return to art.

Recently, on his personal page, actor Trung Ruoi suddenly shared a photo standing in the same frame with Hong Dang, Dinh Tu, Binh An along with the line: “The four most handsome actors on screen at this time . Hope you welcome us in the Hanoi version of Meteor Garden.”

Immediately after Trung Ruoi’s sharing, many people raised questions about Hong Dang’s return to the small screen after a recent love scandal.

However, besides the expectations of many audiences for Hong Dang’s return, there are still many opinions criticizing the actor.

Up to now, Hong Dang has remained absolutely silent about returning to his art. In addition to spending time on business and taking care of his family, he also often shares his hobby of playing golf.

Hong Dang appeared with Dinh Tu, Binh An and Trung Ruoi.

Previously, actor Hong Dang surprised many people when he secretly shared about his retirement after nearly 20 years with the 7th art.

“Today, a girl who is quite close to me suddenly texted me and asked me about changing my business direction. And said that my arithmetic in art has reached a dead end, even if I try, it will only reach 2027. I said it’s correct. then you.

Unexpectedly, a showroom at a familiar place hired me to work as a security guard. Every morning, we drive out and drive in at night. Any day I like my dignity, I’ll take the car and go to the doctor. Life doesn’t know where to turn,” Hong Dang wrote.

Hong Dang temporarily stopped his artistic activities after a noisy private life in the West.

Hong Dang is known to many people through a series of famous television dramas such as: Rainbow Love, It Can Only Be Love, Youth, Zippo, Mustard and You, Moscow – The Season of Changing Leaves, The Judge , A lifetime of resentment, Labyrinth, Rose on the left chest, Sunflower against the sun…

Previously, at the end of June 2022, Hong Dang was caught up in a noisy private life in Spain.

This information caused a stir when a local newspaper reported that a 17-year-old girl had accused two men of rape. The special thing is that these two people are said to be quite famous actors and musicians in Vietnam.

After more than a month of being involved in a scandal, actor Hong Dang had his passport returned by the Spanish court and returned home on the evening of August 7, 2022.

After this information, the actor received countless “stones” as well as criticism from public opinion.

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