Entered showbiz because of heartbreak and fame, gave up 17 billion in business because he saw that the artist was unstable


Si Thanh is known as a quite famous singer and actor. However, in recent years, she has rarely been active in showbiz and has retired to business. Currently, Si Thanh owns a large dental center. On this week’s program Right Hand, Left Hand, Si Thanh confided about his business.

She said: “In the past three years, starting from the epidemic, I started a business. At that time, the city was locked down, I stayed at home and saw how unstable and impermanent life was, with many hopes. Birth and loss, especially for artists, are even more unstable and wobbly. Therefore, I need to create a more solid economic foundation for myself and my family.

Si Thanh

I spent up to 17 billion to invest in this business. A molar imaging machine costs several billion as much as a house. It took me more than 10 months to construct and build this dental office. It took a long time to prepare, since last year.

Any business model when starting up has many difficulties. I had already run a number of business models before, so I had experience when opening a dental clinic. I have a built-in mechanism in me and am used to the job.”

Next, Si Thanh confided about his career: “I’m a beginner in showbiz, I didn’t go to art school for acting, singing or MCing at all, I just have a tune. Before entering showbiz, I worked as a singer. Air traffic controller in the aviation industry. This is a job that requires intelligence, mistakes are not allowed, navigating and guiding the plane in the right direction, if you get one inch wrong, it takes a mile.

After working in aviation for two years, I started joining showbiz. I worked in both showbiz and aviation for 3 years, then completely quit aviation. The fate that led me to showbiz was due to a broken love.

Before that, I had a very peaceful 5-year relationship. After falling in love, I wanted to have something to break through so I tried to get into showbiz. In fact, ever since I was in school, I’ve had an artistic streak and was often in the school’s performance team. When I worked in aviation, I was also in the company’s performance team, so I had some blood.

Right when I was falling out of love, there was a girl group whose member got married so they stopped playing and I was asked to replace them. This music group specializes in performing for singers in tea rooms, bars, and events. I joined the group and learned very quickly. After studying for a month, I was able to perform immediately.

My biggest difficulty when I first entered showbiz was having to be self-reliant. That band was a spontaneous band so it didn’t last long.

That’s why I left the group to audition to be a VJ for Yantv. I was like a fish in water. I was exposed to musicians and singers, so I gradually formed in myself the process of making music to become a singer.

The VJ job was very fun, but at that time I had to keep urging the crew to work quickly so I could return to work in aviation. I had a lot of work, so I couldn’t arrange it so I stopped flying.

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