Surpassing Vuong Nhat Bac, Vuong Hac De became the top student of the 95th batch


Vuong Hac De’s name is from the following Thuong Lan Quyet There is a clear increase in rankings, all topics related to him are warmly sought after by the public and the media.

According to the latest record on November 19, Vuong Hac De brought home another new achievement when the hashtag Vuong Hac De on Douyin (China’s largest social networking platform, also known as Tiktok) was officially announced. officially reached 60 billion views, bringing him to the top 1 male star with the highest increase in views in 2023, above other outstanding junior students of the same age such as Vuong Nhat Bac, Ngo Loi, Truong Lang Hach,…

It is known that Vuong Hac De only took 3 months to increase from 50 million views to 60 million views. For an emerging male traffic flow like Vuong Hac De (he has not yet been able to step into the top ranks), this is a relatively positive sign for his development.

According to information from Baidu as well as the Chinese media, Vuong Hac De does not have a noble background, his parents only sell popular restaurants, but since entering the profession until now, his resources are generally quite good. decided, perhaps partly thanks to the help of the most powerful “national MC” CBiz – Ha Canh. Of course, saying that does not mean denying the efforts and efforts of handsome men Thuong Lan Quyet spent the past few years.

As soon as he entered the Chinese entertainment industry, Vuong Hac De had his first leading role, that is Boys over Flowers (2018), collaborating with Tham Nguyet and followed by Tuong Da 2, Ngo Longafter which the actor exploded with the role of Dong Phuong Thanh Thuong – movie Thuong Lan Quyet (2022). This is one of the recognized films of the year.

Surpassing Vuong Nhat Bac, Vuong Hac De was recognized as the top student of the 95th batch Photo 3
Vuong Hac De ascended after Thuong Lan Quyet.

Recently, project Di Ai Vi Doanh His collaboration with Bach Loc has been released to the audience. Although the screening effect is not too explosive, it still brings certain marks and achievements, often reaching the top of the character index and transmission index. information (in days)… Vuong Hac De and his character Thoi Yen also have wide coverage on many social networking sites.

Surpassing Vuong Nhat Bac, Vuong Hac De was recognized as the top student of the 95th batch Photo 4
Vuong Hac De and Bach Loc in Di Ai Vi Doanh.

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