Mai Davika: ‘Grateful to have a boyfriend in my life’


Mai Davika – the female lead of “Love is Love” – ​​thanks her boyfriend Ter Chantavit for being by her side and loving her for the past six years.

“Sending my love. Grateful to have you in my life. Thank you very much for always loving and taking care of me well, as you always say: ‘Home is not a word for a place but for a person. You are my home. ‘. Happy six-year anniversary, entering the seventh year,’ Mai Davika wrote on her personal page, on the morning of November 16.

The beauty also recalled the moment her boyfriend burst into tears and awkwardly burst a balloon when he proposed his love to her. In the comments section, Ter Chantavit said he was the happiest man.

The couple took souvenir photos with their pets at a house party on November 16.

On the same day, actor Ter Chantavit surprised his girlfriend by turning the living room and stairs in a villa in Bangkok, Thailand, into a white rose garden. According to Sanookthis flower symbolizes pure feelings, respect, loyalty and the promise to stand by, overcoming all ups and downs and temptations.

Ter Chantavit personally arranged flowers to decorate all four floors, cooked, blew up colorful balloons and designed transparent boxes with his and his girlfriend’s names. The two played with their pets and took souvenir photos.

Mai Davika: ‘Grateful to have a boyfriend in my life’

Ter Chantavit turned the living room into a flower garden on his anniversary. He said he loves his girlfriend more every day. Video: Instagram Davikah

Above Instagram, the actor also had kind words for Davika, calling her “my love, my world, my everything”. “Six years ago, this girl entered my life and has become my happiness until now. She also comforts me and is my greatest pride. I love you the most in this world. Thank you. for being with you.”

Hundreds of famous Thai actors and singers “heart” a series of photos of the star couple, praising them for their sweetness, wishing them a long life and getting married soon. Domestic media continuously reported on the topic “Mai Davika’s six years of love – Ter Chantavit”.

A series of photos celebrating the 6th anniversary of love of the attractive star couple

A series of commemorative photos of the star couple “caused a fever” on social networks. Image: Instagram Davikah, Terchantavit

According to MGR Onlinewhen Mai Davika – Ter Chantavit first announced their love publicly, they faced opposition and sarcasm. The beauty born in 1992 was criticized for not being worthy of Ter Chantavit – highly educated, Thai “box office star” and model, screenwriter, and director. Before that, Davika was constantly entangled in vague rumors about his co-stars, interfering in Mario Maurer’s love affair, causing him and his long-time girlfriend to break up.

Ter Chantavit once said he was not a blind person, always thoroughly investigated every issue and did not listen to one side. He appreciates Davika for her diligence, professionalism, and variety of roles. The artist couple once collaborated in Love between humans and ghosts (2013), Mai Davika plays Nak – a beautiful witch who is attached to her husband, Ter Chantavit is the film’s co-writer. Four years later, they reunited at the project Personality in methere are many love scenes.

The more they interacted, the more Ter Chantavit impressed Davika, actively pursuing her and including her in his life plan. In an interview, the Thai beauty said he was sincere and thoughtful, bringing her a pleasant surprise. “Nine years older than me, he is always thoughtful and mature. How can you not be moved by someone like that?”, she said.

Ter Chantavit and his girlfriend faced many ups and downs, comforting her against criticism and rude comments. He accompanies her in all activities. Davika said Ter Chantavit is not only her boyfriend but also a teacher and senior, often giving her advice and analysis to help her understand the character’s psychology and how to best embody it. He also often brings food to the set and gives flowers to cheer his girlfriend.

The pair of stars matched on the red carpet for the movie's premiere in September. Photo: Instagram Terchantavit

The star couple on the red carpet for the movie’s premiere in September. Photo: Instagram Terchantavit

Even though he’s busy, Ter Chantavit always takes time to take his girlfriend on trips, surprise her with small gifts and respect her preference for wearing low-cut clothes. He has a talent for photography and is often praised by Thai media as a professional photographer. Most of the photos Davika posted on her personal page were taken by her boyfriend.

Every birthday, the two like to go to places with cool, peaceful air. They believe that 365 days are Valentine’s Day. In November 2021, on the occasion of their four-year anniversary, Ter Chantavit rented a yacht to cruise the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok. He said it was “the happiest moment”.

Mai Davika and her boyfriend learn to dance

Mai Davika and her boyfriend learn to dance

Ter Chantavit is shy when dancing with his girlfriend. Video: Instagram Terchantavit

Thanks to their stable relationship, the couple received attention from many brands and invited them to events many times. However, Ter Chantavit rarely accepted the invitation because he did not want to use sentiment to polish his name. According to Thairathfans gradually let go of their antipathy toward Mai and supported her with Ter.

Last year, newspaper Thairaith announced the results of the annual survey “Entertainment Personality of the Year”, collecting opinions from more than 300 Thai artists. In the category “Best couple”, Mai Davika – Ter Chantavit led with 16.9% of the votes. Most colleagues commented that they treat each other sincerely and get along with everyone.

Ter Chantavit wrote on his personal page on Mai Davika's birthday last year: My life was complete when I found you. Image:

Ter Chantavit wrote on his personal page on Mai Davika’s birthday last year: “My life was complete when I found you.” Image: Instagram Terchantavit

Mai Davika’s real name is Davika Hoorne, born in 1992, of Thai-Belgian descent. Since the movie Love between humans and ghosts, she was dubbed “Thailand’s most beautiful witch”. She also made her mark with the series Old scars, Return to 20 years old, Personality in you, Promise of love

Ter Chantavit’s real name is Chantavit Dhanasevi, born in 1983. He studied at Chulalongkorn University – the most prestigious school in Thailand and graduated with a master’s degree in Australia. During the period 2001-2006, he was retained at the school as a lecturer. Thairath said that many students love him because he is funny, gentle, and conveys knowledge that is easy to understand. Even though he turned to art, he was still invited to lecture and inspire new students.

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