Irene is called the “ordinary orange god of war”, as beautiful as graphics


Since her debut, Irene has always made a strong impression on the public thanks to her perfect visual and goddess-like beauty. Even though she is currently under the age of 35, Red Velvet’s eldest sister’s beauty is still at the top of Kpop, receiving media attention every time she appears. In particular, Irene also affirmed that her “original visual” title is completely worthy of being undefeated against ordinary people.

Recently, Irene’s comic-like, unedited preview photo at the airport went viral on Korean Twitter with 1.5 million views and more than 25,000 likes. The female idol is flawlessly beautiful with her wavy hairstyle and sweet makeup tones, accentuating her delicate, harmonious facial features. Besides, Irene’s smooth white skin, which is increasingly “reversely aging”, also makes people jealous.

A few days ago, the SM goddess also made the online community flutter with a breathtakingly beautiful moment captured by fans on the street. Even though the image is blurry and low quality, Irene’s beauty still makes viewers praise her.

Irene looks luxurious and arrogant through the lenses of fans

Before that, she also caused a stir many times with her stunningly beautiful orange images, nothing to criticize. Looking at these images, everyone can easily understand why Irene’s figure is still a wall, not at all “inferior” to her juniors even though she has been active in the entertainment industry for 10 years.

Some comments from netizens:

– Irene is the most beautiful female Kpop idol in my eyes and no one can replace her.

– I can’t believe Irene is 32 years old, it seems like she’s getting younger and more beautiful, the preview photo is unedited and looks like a statue.

– Non-fan but I have to admit that Irene is the most beautiful among the Kpop idols, every feature of her face is so beautiful.

– More and more beautiful without aging at all. After 10 years of working, her visual still makes the public sob.

– It’s so beautiful, it looks like a graphic you can never get tired of looking at.

Cam usually has to “give up” on Irene’s beauty

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