Ly Nha Ky caught the wedding flower, Phuong Lan rapped with Hue accent at the wedding


On the afternoon of November 20, comedian Phuong Lan and her husband Phan Dat held a wedding ceremony in a cozy outdoor space in the city. HCM.

Ly Nha Ky, Song Luan, Dam Vinh Hung and Puka and Gin Tuan Kiet at Phuong Lan’s wedding.

At comedian Phuong Lan’s outdoor wedding, Ly Nha Ky appeared beautiful with a pink bow-attached dress and clear makeup. Ly Nha Ky was lucky enough to catch comedian Phuong Lan’s wedding bouquet, making many artists excited because they often tease her about her husband and children at recent showbiz events or weddings.

Ly Nha Ky looked delighted and happy to receive the small gift. Holding a bouquet of pure white flowers in her hand, she expressed her wish that one day she would also be able to stand in the outdoor wedding space and share joy with her artist friends. After thanking her, she suddenly became confused because she remembered that she had forgotten to congratulate Phuong Lan and Phan Dat.


Not only a businessman, Ly Nha Ky is also a close friend of many artists in the showbiz world.

At the wedding flower toss, actress Ly Nha Ky was emotional when she was the one to catch the flowers and ‘receive souls’ from her juniors.

The bride Phuong Lan’s unique rap performance in a Hue accent with her husband at the wedding also attracted attention for its creativity and uniqueness. Stepping onto the stage with a pure white wedding dress, in a fun melody with the dance group, Phuong Lan and Phan Dat danced, held hands and sang in front of the audience.

The confident rap and unique style in Hue accent along with the song’s content contains stories about love and dreams, making the wedding atmosphere more cozy. Phan Dat turned to kiss Phuong Lan’s cheek during the performance. Having made many movies and game shows she participated in become lively and humorous, few people expected Phuong Lan’s rapping ability to make the wedding more impressive with her creativity and humor.

Phuong Lan raps with a Hue accent in a song composed by her husband. The couple shared a sweet kiss.

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