Quoc Tuan, Hien Mai and other memorable teachers of Vietnamese screen

Quoc Tuan, Hien Mai and other memorable teachers of Vietnamese screen
Quoc Tuan, Hien Mai and other memorable teachers of Vietnamese screen

(Dan Tri) – Quoc Tuan, Hien Mai, Meritorious Artist Thanh Dien, Meritorious Artist Huu Muoi… left a deep mark in the hearts of the audience when they transformed into teachers on Vietnamese screens.

Meritorious Artist Huu Muoi – teacher Khang in “When until October”

How long until October? belongs to the genre of feature film, produced in 1984, directed by People’s Artist Dang Nhat Minh.

Taking on the role of teacher Khang – a gentle, quiet, simple teacher… but hidden deep inside is a profound soul is Meritorious Artist Huu Muoi.

In the movie, Khang accidentally learned about Duyen’s character’s pain of losing her husband. The kind teacher helped her write a letter to Duyen’s family in place of the deceased.

From just love and sympathy for Duyen’s pain, Khang gradually fell in love with her. He wrote a letter expressing his thoughts to Duyen and was discovered by her family. Khang had to leave to teach elsewhere to keep a peaceful life for Duyen.

Not only does he love Duyen with a sympathetic and sacrificial love, but the character Khang also appears as an enthusiastic and kind teacher. Even though he is a bit quiet, Khang always gives his students interesting lessons about human love and caring for each other in life.

Previously, Meritorious Artist Huu Muoi left an impression when playing the role of a teacher in the film Vu Dai village that dayadapted from the famous literary work of writer Nam Cao, he expressed the character’s essence as well as the character’s terrible inner struggles.

It is known that director and People’s Artist Dang Nhat Minh initially did not want to give the role of teacher Khang to Huu Muoi. He is afraid of repetition as in Vu Dai village that daywhich is not a good thing in art.

He only suggested that Huu Muoi could join the film crew as an assistant director. However, close to the filming start date, director Dang Nhat Minh called Huu Muoi to talk and assigned him the role of teacher Khang, because he had looked for many people but could not find anyone suitable.

The role of teacher Khang brought Huu Muoi the Best Actor award at the 7th Vietnam Film Festival (1985).

Meritorious Artist Huu Muoi plays teacher Khang in the movie “When until October (Photo: Document).

Nguyen Hau – teacher Tanh in “Desolate Valley”

Deserted valley is a film directed by Pham Nhue Giang with the participation of actors Hong Anh, Tuyet Hanh, Nguyen Hau,…

Produced since 2001, the film Deserted valley has achieved much success. The film has attended many film festivals in China, Singapore, Australia, and Korea, and also received the Fipresci Award for Asian films at the Melbourne Film Festival, the A Award from the Vietnam Cinema Association, and the Silver Lotus Award from the Federation. The 13th Vietnam Film Festival.

Deserted valley like a lyrical poem mixed with the humanistic values ​​of teachers who brought literacy from the lowlands to remote highlands.

Having to face many difficulties and hardships, teachers are still devoted to the cause of cultivating people. They tried to stay in the deserted valley to sow the word, helping children in the highlands learn to read, write and prepare for life.

And the miracle that happened was that the ethnic boy Thao A De, the child actor, was chosen to star in this movie thanks to the film crew instilling in him the importance of the “word” that he later decided on. The center passed the exam and entered the Faculty of Educational Management at Hanoi University of Education. Goat is the first and only person in Ta Giang Phin commune to pass university admission.

In the film, the character of teacher Tanh – Principal played by artist Nguyen Hau leaves deep impressions in the hearts of the audience.

This is also the main and last role of artist Nguyen Hau. The image of a gentle, simple teacher who left everything to go to the highlands to cultivate people… makes viewers feel restless.

His painful views of the mountain children, his love for Ms. Giao, and his refusal to accept Ms. Minh’s feelings helped Nguyen Hau get the role of a lifetime.

Nguyen Phi Hung – teacher Lam in the movie “Seagull”

Seagulls is the debut film of director Le Bao Trung. The film received the Silver Kite Award in 2004.

In the film, singer Nguyen Phi Hung plays the energetic teacher Lam. Lam is a dance teacher. Because of an unexpected accident, Lam lost an arm and had to give up his career.

Lam went to a coastal fishing village with the purpose of escaping reality, but it was thanks to the innocent children here that helped him see the beauty of life.

This energetic teacher teaches literacy and dance to children in poor coastal villages, rediscovering the simple yet great joys in life.

Nguyen Phi Hung had no difficulty playing the role of a dance teacher because he had many years of experience with ballet before holding the mic.

Even though he turned to acting, he still received many compliments for his ability to express emotional depth not inferior to that of a professional actor with extensive experience.

The role of teacher Lam also brought Nguyen Phi Hung an award Promising actor of the Vietnam Cinema Association.

Meritorious Artist Thanh Dien plays teacher Bay in “Southern Land” (Photo: Documents).

Meritorious Artist Thanh Dien – teacher of Bay in “South area”

In the film South area (1997) directed by Vincent Son, teacher Bay – representing the intellectuals and resentful of the times, portrayed by Meritorious Artist Thanh Dien, is probably one of the characters that leaves the deepest impression in the film.

Originally a gentle French teacher but dissatisfied with the scene of the Southern people being oppressed by the French colonialists, he quit teaching and set up a theater troupe to perform everywhere, to arouse patriotism and call for people stood up against the French colonial government.

This character left behind many concerns, because he encountered unfortunate events, when the troupe was oppressed, destroyed, and robbed by evil tyrants, taking the life of Ms. Nam Xuan – teacher Bay’s wife.

After that, the teacher disguised himself as a magician, attracting people with magic and miracles, but of course that could not resist the guns of the French soldiers, leading to An’s teacher also suffering a painful death. love.

Hien Mai in the movie “Age of Fairies” (Photo: Screenshot).

Hien Mai – teacher Mai in the movie “Age of Fairies”

Hien Mai is known to the public nationwide for her role as teacher Mai in the film Age of Wonders (1995). From here, her acting career skyrocketed.

Movie Fairy age based on a short story Happiness is as salty as tears by author Tieu Nhat. Hien Mai’s role is a newly graduated teacher, kind and loving to children.

Because he devoted so much effort to mold his student Ti, he was pressured by his parents to quit his job.

Hien Mai once shared: “The crew auditioned with 200 candidates but no one was suitable. When it was my turn, the production representative seemed to like it very much but the director was not satisfied. I thought I didn’t qualify so accepting a cross-Vietnam fashion show. While in Cao Bang, I was called back to accept the role urgently.”

Besides the teacher-student relationship, the film also features the pure feelings that artist Minh has for his teacher. Hien Mai’s co-star at that time was Phu Hai. Phu Hai is currently still pursuing art but in the role of director.

Teacher Minh is a memorable role for actor Quoc Tuan (Photo: Document).

Quoc Tuan – Minh teacher in “12A and 4H”

12A and 4H directed by Bui Thac Chuyen once created a fever among students in Hanoi of the 7x and 8x generations.

The film was broadcast in the Sunday Arts program in 1995. Revolving around the group of friends Ha, Hang, Hoa, Han (4H) of class 12A at Chu Van An school with their joys, sadness, and early life vibrations. During my student years, the film is a clear, unforgettable memory of the Vietnamese screen.

In the film, actor Quoc Tuan Quoc Tuan takes on the role of Mr. Minh – a literature teacher with a talent for writing poetry, and also the homeroom teacher of class 12A.

In class 12A, Mr. Minh has to face the troubles of teenage students. The homeroom teacher’s class has many different personalities, some are gentle and obedient like the 4H group, but there are also students with I have a rebellious personality like Ngon.

Teacher Minh had to use the love and devotion of a teacher to guide his students and receive their love.

However, no matter how much he is appreciated by his students in class, when he comes home he is criticized by his wife for not making money. The tragedy of the role and performance of artist Quoc Tuan has made many audiences remember when mentioning the image of a modern teacher.

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