Shark Le Han Tue Lam officially spoke out after nearly 22,000 members were anti

Shark Le Han Tue Lam officially spoke out after nearly 22,000 members were anti
Shark Le Han Tue Lam officially spoke out after nearly 22,000 members were anti

The female shark announced that she would stop all media activities in the near future.

On November 20, on her personal page, Shark Le Han Tue Lam officially spoke out about recent controversies related to her real name or qualifications. According to the 9X female “shark”, she has completed the recording sessions with the Shark Tank Vietnam program, and refuses to participate in other programs in the near future.

“There are many people who say that I appear on television to polish my image or call for investment capital. I would like to reaffirm that my participation, in addition to respecting the station’s invitation, has no other goal than my duty. mission entrusted by Nextrans: finding startups to invest in them”, Shark Tue Lam denied negative information related to her purpose on television.

Director of Nextrans Vietnam Investment Fund said that the fund invested money with the desire to provide financial support for founders to realize their ambitions. She affirmed that she never wanted or considered herself a role model for young people.

Tue Lam said that there was some inaccurate or incomplete information about her name, education, and work experience spread on social networks. Therefore, she confirmed this personal information before returning to Nextrans Vietnam “are all verified by an independent third party and have never had any violations in providing inaccurate information.”

“My job really doesn’t need much noise, but the influence and resonance of Shark Tank has surpassed my initial imagination. So, I hope everything will stop and would like to announce From today, I will be offline from social networks, media, events and will ask permission not to answer interviews for the next 1-2 years,” wrote Shark Le Han Tue Lam.

As the only female “shark” in Shark Tank Vietnam season 6 and also the youngest at only 29 years old, Shark Le Han Tue Lam has attracted attention on social networks since she was first announced to participate. Join Shark Tank.

It is known that Le Han Tue Lam, born in 1994, is from Hai Duong. Tue Lam graduated from Hanoi Foreign Trade University and worked at startup before turning to work at an investment fund. Currently, she is holding the position of General Partner of Nextrans Vietnam.

In 2021, Le Han Tue Lam was voted by Forbes magazine to the list of Top 30 Under 30 Asia 2021.

At a young age, when participating in Shark Tank, Shark Tue Lam was questioned about her investment ability. At the same time, Shark Tue Lam was also entangled in controversies related to her personal information, from real name, education level. counseling, marriage, even beauty. The anti-Tue Lam group has reached 21,700 members.

> > Shark Le Han Tue Lam: “A low starting point is also my capital”

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