Famous actor was caught kissing a strange girl


Recently, the Chinese media could not help but stir at the related image actor Tran Khon.

Accordingly, p Sohu published a series of photos of Tran Khon appearing outside a hotel late at night. Specifically, Tran Khon and his friends had a party here. After the party, he and these people walked out of the hotel.

Images of Tran Khon gathering with friends at a hotel were recorded.

Remarkable, Tran Khon was also caught on camera kissing a strange girl on the forehead. This has made people curious and asked questions related to this girl.

The male actor had an intimate act with a girl outside the hotel.

Some netizens think that this could be Tran Khon’s girlfriend. However, it cannot be ruled out that this could also be the actor’s best friend of the opposite sex. This inference is completely valid because before that, many times people saw images of Tran Khon hugging and kissing Chau Tan’s forehead when the two were together.

Before, Tran Khon has been entangled in many dating rumors with famous beauties, including Chau Tan. He was even rumored to have a child with Chau Tan. This made Tran Khon angry and denied.

Famous actor was caught kissing a strange girl after coming out of the hotel, his identity is not unfamiliar! Photo 3
Tran Khon and Chau Tan have been entangled in many rumors.

“Chau Tan and I are close friends, but there is no possibility of us getting married. My family has many relatives and children, and I only have one son. I will soon go to the mountain to meditate, there is no signal.” Phone as well as wifi should be informed clearly to avoid the incident going too far. I thank everyone for their concern but don’t believe the rumors.”Tran Khon once explained.

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