Bich Phuong burst into tears, revealing that she was depressed while participating in ‘Brilliant Journey’


Bich Phuong was moved to tears in the last episode Brilliant journey

Closing season 1, Brilliant journey achieved impressive achievements including 2.2 billion views on digital platforms, 21/21 broadcast episodes reached top 1 rating of Vietnam Television VTV. Besides, 11/21 episodes of the show entered Top Trending YouTube. Not attracted by drama or fighting, the program affirms its unique colors, introduces beautiful landscapes, culture, cuisine, and people throughout the North, Central, and South, helping young people experience a connecting culture. between tradition and modernity in the journeys of Quang Ninh, Binh Dinh, Ben Tre, Tien Giang, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hoi An, Da Lat, Soc Trang, Lao Cai, Yen Bai…

Bich Phuong burst into tears, revealing that she was depressed when participating in 'Brilliant Journey' - Photo 2.

Not only the audience but also the artists are waiting for season two Brilliant journey

Talking about the long journey of participation, Truong Giang frankly said: “There are people who like it and there are also many people who don’t like it. Of course I can’t force everyone to like it and I also don’t want many people to hate it. The fault lies in The main cast, including Truong Giang, has not satisfied everyone and is not as happy as everyone wants. This is a program broadcast on national television, so there are standards that must be followed.”

Bich Phuong burst into tears, revealing that she was depressed when participating in 'Brilliant Journey' - Photo 3.

As the “youngest brother” in the 6-member group, rapper Negav receives special attention and attention from his brothers and sisters.

Bich Phuong surprised everyone when she shared that she was very depressed and stressed in the first episodes because she belonged to the group with poor social communication. “I’ve been singing for 12-13 years, but my social communication experience is just like Negav (born in 2001, the youngest member of the cast). I look funny online, talk nonsense, think Like I’m a cheerful person, but I also have emotional issues that are difficult to overcome. Before joining Brilliant journey, I had two years of feeling very bad, not wanting to do anything. Normally, I refuse any invitation to participate in a reality TV show, but for some reason, when the crew Brilliant journey Please agree now.”

Bich Phuong burst into tears, revealing that she was depressed when participating in 'Brilliant Journey' - Photo 4.

Bich Phuong confided that contrary to many people’s thoughts, she would be an active, boisterous, and explosive name, “coming in here is a burden that cannot help anyone, but everyone helps a lot.”

The female singer added that when she participated in the first episode in her hometown of Quang Ninh, she became disillusioned. “I’m under pressure and if I do poorly, it will affect others. I’m a Libra, I don’t like to bother others, so I’m depressed, I’m afraid I can’t do it. I don’t communicate, I don’t play, I don’t make friends. connect with everyone. Reading comments online, when I joined the program, I realized I was “flabby” and “flabby”. I feel lucky that people don’t lose patience with me and support me. It feels precious. The best thing I have is seeing people sacrifice for each other, and I have to be responsible for others. I rarely live in a collective environment and am very lucky to learn this lesson,” Bich Phuong said. burst into tears.

Bich Phuong burst into tears, revealing that she was depressed when participating in 'Brilliant Journey' - Photo 5.

Bich Phuong said she communicates better socially after participating in the program

Truong Giang revealed that he often went to Bich Phuong’s encouragement room and heard the female singer say “on the internet, people curse me, I know but I can’t change it”. “Little Phuong rarely speaks out, always resigned. One fine day, episode 8 explodes,” Truong Giang commented.

Besides, Isaac revealed that when participating in the show, he was always in a very happy mood, really looked forward to filming with the crew and no longer cared about winning or losing. Le Duong Bao Lam and Thuy Ngan share the same opinion that it is extremely reassuring to work with familiar faces who have collaborated on other programs. The newest face is rapper Negav, who claims to have matured and become more powerful.

“This is one of the most extreme shows up to this point, the crew tried their best with significant limits… Closing a beautiful and brilliant journey. Thank you for the beautiful lands that have passed through , thank you to the gentle and lovely people, thank you to my teammates and companions, thank you to the audience for always being loved,” Truong Giang expressed.

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