The American billionaire owns a house worth 1,600 billion but lives with his wife’s parents and eats frugally with braised fish sauce


Bich Tuyen used to be a famous singer of her homeland’s folk and lyrical music. In her youth, she often appeared with a beautiful and salty image in a flowing ao dai and soft black hair, singing sweet songs like I remember visiting my mother, Betel and areca, Purple hyacinth, The sound of the hoe. moonlit night, humiliated butterflies and blind beans…

Bich Tuyen’s husband and mother-in-law

For a long time, Bich Tuyen almost disappeared from the music industry, no one knew information about her. Until a few years ago, singer Quang Le revealed that Bich Tuyen is currently married to an Italian-American billionaire. This billionaire started out as a technology engineer then switched to business and earned a huge fortune.

Bich Tuyen and his wife currently live privately in the US, in a villa thousands of square meters wide, with up to a hundred rooms and revealed by Quang Le to cost up to 1,600 billion VND. Thus, after Ha Phuong, Bich Tuyen is the second singer called “billionaire singer” by the audience.

Quang Le also made a Vlog to visit Bich Tuyen’s house and was extremely overwhelmed when he saw that the house had a cinema, bar, fountain and hundreds of rooms. The spice room alone has two rooms larger than a bedroom in a normal home.

Bich Tuyen’s husband’s meal

At this large villa, Bich Tuyen often holds parties for friends and colleagues, hiring chefs to make expensive dishes for a 5-star restaurant.

Most recently, comedian Thuy Nga continued to visit Bich Tuyen’s house with singer Quang Le and saw the daily life of her senior and her billionaire husband.

The two were extremely surprised to learn that, besides the lavish parties, the daily meals of Bich Tuyen and her husband and their relatives were extremely simple, rustic and Vietnamese.

Specifically, when Thuy Nga entered the dining room, she saw the American billionaire sitting and eating rice with braised duck meat, fish cakes, meat-stuffed bitter melon soup and braised shrimp paste.

Singer Bich Tuyen's husband: American billionaire owns a 1600 billion house but lives with his wife's parents, eats frugally with braised fish sauce - Photo 3.

Bich Tuyen

The meal even includes a bowl of typical Vietnamese chili sauce. The meal is not only simple but also frugal, with just a little bit of each dish, not too much or spread out. In particular, this billionaire also eats rice with chopsticks, uses chopsticks to pick up food skillfully like Vietnamese people, and eats with his left hand.

Thuy Nga had to exclaim: “I didn’t expect Bich Tuyen’s husband to eat Vietnamese food, even bitter melon, so cute. The billionaire’s meal is so frugal.”

Quang Le said: “He loves Vietnamese people very much.”

Not only that, Quang Le and Thuy Nga were also surprised to learn that singer Bich Tuyen’s biological parents also lived in the same house as their son-in-law and lived and ate together. While Bich Tuyen was away, her parents took care of meals for their son-in-law. Bich Tuyen’s father said: “He is very gentle and kind at home.”

Thuy Nga added: “Usually Americans don’t like to live with their wife’s parents, they like a private life, but this guy can live with his wife’s parents. This is very rare.”

It is known that Bich Tuyen gave birth to her first daughter at the age of 40, but before that, the Vietnamese folk singer raised five children of her husband Gerard Williams.

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