Miss Ngoc Khanh makes a youthful comeback at the age of 47


Recently, Miss Ngoc Khanh appeared at designer Thom Nguyen’s Nhat Thanh Tao show as a guest, surprising many people because she rarely participated in the event.

Ngoc Khanh wears a simple, see-through dress with two straps, showing off her youthful features at the age of 47. Although still loyal to her naturally gray hair, Ngoc’s radiant face, youthful skin, and slim figure Khanh makes everyone admire.

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She shared the reason for accepting the invitation to attend the event because she loves fashion and is impressed with the creativity of young designers.

“I am very impressed when the designer tries to combine traditional Vietnamese cultural values ​​into practical and trendy models. The designs are very uplifting but equally individual, besides there are also unisex designs that are contemporary, liberal and open,” Ngoc Khanh said.

Not only did she attend, Miss Ngoc Khanh also excitedly showed off her catwalk skills on the catwalk set up in the middle of a vast rice field to show off to the young models. After many years away from the catwalk, she is said to maintain a natural and attractive look, consistent with the spirit of the collection.

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Designer Thom Nguyen said he got the ideas for the collection from rustic, simple images of peach bibs, pleated skirts, crow’s beak scarves to traditional ao dai, skillfully broken with a rebellious trend. Expensive historical details are meticulously hand-embroidered on fabrics such as Dong Ho paintings, Wrestling Associations, ancient Vietnamese pagoda architecture…

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Starting out as a rural girl who went to the city to study and be exposed to the development of foreign culture, she formed a desire to honor products from Vietnamese culture, its values, and its essence. traditional flowers to consumers.

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After the show, Ngoc Khanh felt in harmony with the natural, environmentally sustainable materials of the designs in the Nhat Thanh Tao collection. The collection uses mainly silk and linen, natural materials that are environmentally friendly, creating a light feeling like flying in the middle of green rice fields.

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The collection impresses viewers when designs inspired by traditional culture are combined with products with unique ceramic patterns and motifs. Miss Ngoc Khanh also appreciated this combination. She believes that ceramic and fashion products both honor traditional cultural beauties, making them easier to incorporate into everyday life.

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Ngoc Khanh shared that she recently realized that the fashion industry is also a major contributor to waste disposal in the environment, so she is more cautious and considerate when deciding to shop: “I pay attention to to products with natural materials such as cotton, viscose, wool, silk… because when removing waste, it has the ability to decompose highly and quickly, so it is more beneficial for the environment.”

Ngoc Khanh is not too picky in dressing and the style she aims for is simple and luxurious. She likes high-quality clothes that fit her body and are easy to coordinate when traveling.

After many years of quite active activities and experiencing many joys, sorrows, and pains in the media and entertainment industry, and then living most of the time abroad, Ngoc Khanh found that she seemed to have “faded” with showbiz, so she chose simple life.

The beauty spends time taking care of her small family, doing things she likes such as attending art shows, visiting museums, traveling to explore the world, visiting friends and relatives, and gardening. , cook or do volunteer work…

Ngan An

Miss Ngoc Khanh and her Western husband spent a whole month vacationing in SpainMiss Ngoc Khanh and her Western husband had a fun vacation in Mallorca, Spain during the summer.

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