Singer Ngoc Son founded a rice company


Ngoc Son hopes his company will develop strongly in the coming time. From there, a portion of the profits will be deducted to fund your volunteer trips

Ngoc Son has just established Ngoc Rice Company, specializing in trading rice products. The launch was held at the male singer’s villa and this was also the first time Ngoc Son held an event at his home. That’s why Ngoc Son said he stayed up all night and woke up early to cook rice and make fried shrimp to entertain everyone. Voice Father’s love He said he wanted everything to happen as neatly as possible, so he prepared very carefully.

S Quang Ngoc (left) and Do Minh Quan (right) were assigned important positions in the company by Ngoc Son.

Talking about the purpose of founding the company, Ngoc Son confided that one of his passions is planting trees, growing vegetables and fruits, and raising chickens. Since childhood, Ngoc Son has been attached to farming, so he always holds a special affection towards farmers. Therefore, the establishment of a rice company helps Ngoc Son have more opportunities to support the purchase and promotion of rice from farmers to everyone. Besides, the male singer born in 1968 also has more knowledge in choosing rice to send to difficult situations during his volunteer trips.

During the company introduction, Ngoc Son said he chose S Quang Ngoc to be the general director of his company. Program judge Ultimate Bolero commented that S Quang Ngoc is a talented young person with management ability and “talk less and do more”, so the male singer completely trusts him. At the same time, Ngoc Son also assigned the position of financial director to his student Do Minh Quan. Voice Womb believes that S Quang Ngoc and Do Minh Quan will do their tasks well, and at the same time, have many good plans to develop the rice company.

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