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Tet comedy has become spiritual food and is awaited by a large audience every year. Although the negative effects of Covid-19 have caused filmmakers quite a headache to find investment capital, director Binh Trong – the “father” of the comedy series Barefoot tycoon and The village has no wife said that he will continue to make 2 films to serve people during Tet 2024.

Directed by Tran Binh Trong.

Director Tran Binh Trong shared that he wanted to stop the two films many times Barefoot tycoon and The village is unmarried because running out of ideas and having difficulty finding funding. But as Tet approaches, many loving viewers leave comments waiting for the next episode of the series, so he finds a way to overcome difficulties.

“Once I took an artist abroad to film and decided to stop working for a few years to gain momentum for a future comeback. However, during a performance with Mr. Quang Teo, there was an application. The sponsor asked me when to shoot.

I told them to take a break from work this year and they said: As a business, we have to spend a lot of money to maintain our brand, but you guys have a brand but just throw it away. That’s good energy for me to consider continuing to work,” the male director shared.

He said that the film should have finished filming at this time, but this year the economy is difficult, finding investors is not simple, greatly affecting the progress. In addition, Barefoot tycoon has existed for 14 years, still The village has no wife It’s 10 years, so the film crew are all close family members. Arranging a schedule for artists who have participated in the film for many years such as People’s Artist Trung Hieu, Quang Teo… to film together is a difficult problem. prize.

“I tried to wait for People’s Artist Trung Hieu’s schedule so that the whole crew could film together effectively and quickly,” said director Binh Trong.

Tran Binh Trong and his crew chose the scene for filming ‘Barefoot Rich’ in Thai Binh.

According to director Binh Trong, this year’s context Barefoot tycoon will be filmed in Thai Binh, many scenes are very poetic, sweet and of course funny.

Answer VietNamNet’s questions about: The golden age has passed, but making Tet comedy films still attracts many participating units. However, it seems that the number of truly serious investors is not many, depending on sponsors, so the products are sometimes like “mixed pot”?

The male director expressed: “Yes, today’s comedy movies can survive thanks to sponsors. On average, I have to invest 2 billion VND in a movie. No one sells their house to make a movie without considering the effectiveness.” economic, but I always consider between artistic and commercial factors. Many units want to sponsor, but if my content is not suitable for their products, I will refuse. I am not a filmmaker just to make money”.

He said, the first criterion for making a comedy film is the story and message that the director brings to viewers.

“My films are educational and propaganda. In The village has no wife contains content about laws related to the field of traffic; movie Barefoot tycoon focus on criticizing boastfulness, bad habits… I come from a performing artist background, when I work as a director, my “ego” is bigger, so in my professional activities I always bring “my I” art to the top. I do it for myself, only if I’m satisfied will it be released. Comedy is entertainment and exaggeration, but comedy without charm is a waste. When my fate ran out, I stopped,” director Binh Trong confided.

He said that he really likes making folk comedies, but if he makes this type of film, he takes an economic risk: “But it’s something I cherish and want to do at an appropriate time.”

Excerpt from ‘Barefoot Giants’:

The pain of People’s Artist Tran Nhuong’s family was recreated by his childrenArtists Tran Binh Trong and Anh Phuong recreated the pain of People’s Artist Tran Nhuong – a ‘Kep Tu Ben’.

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