The reason singer Phuc Anh cannot separate from ‘poet’ Hua Vi Van


Singer Phuc Anh has just released her second MV Return no from the cinematic album Thena. The song she composed is about the story of a man and woman leaving the city and living in a tropical forest. During the day, the boy chops firewood and carries water while the girl grows vegetables and takes care of the family. At night they light a fire and sing together.

The lyrics are simple and narrative: You plant tomatoes, I burn dry wood/ We sing at night next to the flickering fire/ You plant coffee, broccoli and avocado/ I’ll create another path along the lake…

Return no is the second MV in the series of stories about Thena. At this time, goddess Thena (Phuc Anh) left her throne and tribe, traveling throughout Greece to enjoy a free life. She stopped at a village – where festivals took place day and night and met Timo (Hua Vi Van) – who called himself “The Lone Shepherd”. He happened to visit the village, was caught up in the festive atmosphere and made eye contact with Thena, revealing some of the situation for the third MV.

Actor Hua Vi Van in the MV.

MV Return no was made at a 1,400 square meter studio in Ho Chi Minh City, with the participation of 12 dancers and 50 extras. The crew set up a market and presented a bustling, joyful festive atmosphere. It took them 3 days to build the market, from pouring sand for the foundation, building wooden stalls, building simulated concrete mounds, and buying fabrics, clothes, fruits, vases, sedge mats…

Thena (Phuc Anh) uses dance to fascinate the guy.

When asked why the ‘poet’ in Phuc Anh’s MV is always Hua Vi Van, she said: “After the MV Month 13, Mr. Van promised to continue accompanying me in new projects. When sending demo 2 songs Return no and Lone shepherd, Mr. Van felt like he was in it and didn’t need to act, so he immediately accepted. We work well together, I respect his professionalism at work.”

According to Phuc Anh, if the album Thena is a diary about a person’s life journey Return no marks the period when people return to their ego to find their mission. “The human journey is only truly complete when we return to the most natural and wild things,” the singer said.

Excerpt from MV ‘Return to Zero’

Phuc Anh: From a poor family, he passed valedictorian 3 times and became a rich singerSinger Phuc Anh was born into a poor family with many children in a rural area of ​​Thanh Hoa. She argued with her parents, fiercely pursued her passion, became a singer and had a small, fulfilling family.

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