Hong Loan, daughter of the late artist Vu Linh, acts in films


Behind the scenes photo of Hong Loan (left) while filming the TV series Love Again – Photo: Character Facebook

Hong Loan first tried her hand at participating in a television series Love again Directed by Nguyen Duong.

The daughter of the late artist Vu Linh has a talent for acting in films

Hong Loan – daughter of the late artist Vu Linh – told Tuoi Tre Online that singer Nguyen Vu was the connection, creating the opportunity for her to participate in the TV series Love again.

This is also the first television role Hong Loan has participated in.

“It was my first time filming, so at first Loan was scared, but she wanted to try her hand and wanted to recall the old memories of filming with her father.

When I was young, Loan once filmed a opera with Linh Ty, now Loan wants to go filming to once again review the memories” – the daughter of the late artist Vu Linh shared.

Nguyen Vu said that at first he connected with the film crew so that Hong Loan would play Nguyen Vu’s secretary – lover in the film.

However, when he thought about love scenes or kissing scenes, they would both laugh and it would be difficult to film, so he asked the director to change Hong Loan’s role.

In the film, Hong Loan plays Bay Nhi – the nephew of Nguyen Vu – artist Lam.

Director Nguyen Duong said Hong Loan’s role is a country girl who goes to live and study with relatives in the city. She helps the family with daily housework.

When asked if inviting Hong Loan was a way to promote or polish the film, director Nguyen Duong said Tuoi Tre Online: “Until now, I have not promoted movies this way. Hong Loan plays a small role, but I invited her not just to appear in the movie. I have a way to make Loan’s role have its own personality, content, and memorable story.”

Love again Filming begins on November 15, telling the love story of people who have lost faith in love.

Hong Loan said that this was her first time participating in a series so she was not used to the continuous day and night filming schedule. However, she quickly caught on and got used to it.

“Loan hopes the audience will sympathize if Loan’s acting is not good. Participating in this film, Loan was guided and taught her acting very well by the director, deputy director, members of the film crew, especially singer Nguyen Vu. many” – Hong Loan confided.

Behind the scenes, Hong Loan was instructed by the director on how to act – Source: Vo Hong Loan Official

Hong Loan has acted in short films and MVs

Previously, the daughter of late artist Vu Linh participated in the music video More than relatives performed by singer Nguyen Vu.

The MV is a small gift that Nguyen Vu made for Hong Loan and posted it on her YouTube channel because the male singer saw that Hong Loan’s channel had few products.

In addition to Nguyen Vu, Hong Loan, music videos More than relatives There is also the participation of actors Kieu Trinh, Dao Van Anh, Huynh Truong Thinh, Linh Ty, Bich Tram, Hong Ni…

Nguyen Vu and Hong Loan at the set of “Love Again” – Photo: Facebook Nguyen Vu

According to Nguyen Vu, this music video has been recorded and is in the post-production stage.

However, Nguyen Vu and Hong Loan are both participating in television dramas Love again so the team plans to release it after this drama is broadcast.

In addition, Hong Loan added that she also participated in short films Light up. Movie Some scenes have been filmed, and it is expected that on December 1, a few more scenes will be filmed. Short film Light up Expected to be released during Tet this year.

On November 20, Hong Loan replaced her father, the late artist Vu Linh, at the Artist Nursing Home (District 8, Ho Chi Minh City) to visit artist Dieu Hien.

Dieu Hien is one of the respected teachers of the late artist Vu Linh.

Accompanying Hong Loan on this trip were Nguyen Vu and Hong Loan’s friends.

In addition to paying tribute to artist Dieu Hien, Hong Loan and Nguyen Vu also visited and gave gifts to artists living at the Artist Nursing Home.

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