How beautiful is Liu Yifei in real life that makes fans cycle back and forth 20 times just to see her?


Recently, the name Liu Yifei has become hot again on social media sites, as she is actively returning to artistic activities. Besides participating in voice acting for Disney movies Wish Along with her juniors Vu Thich, Liu Yifei is about to return as the female lead in Rose Story. Through the trailer, the audience can clearly see the youthful beauty of the “fairy sister”, so what about in real life?

Recently, a video recording Liu Yifei became a “hot” topic on social network Weibo. An audience member shared the moment when she happened to pass by Liu Yifei while filming for the movie The Rose Story. This person was extremely surprised and “overwhelmed” with Liu Yifei’s real-life beauty, even though at that time she was wearing tight winter clothes, revealing only her bright white face in the night sky. “Next to her is Lam Canh Tan, but I don’t pay much attention… Does anyone recognize Liu Yifei and Lam Canh Tan? I’m sorry hahaha“, this audience posted.


Liu Yifei is beautiful in the night sky, standing and listening to the director’s instructions

This audience also shared that he had to cycle around and around 20 times to be able to really see Liu Yifei. The video received more than 7 million views on social networks, and the keyword “Cycling to meet Liu Yifei, had to cycle back and forth 20 times” also received more than 300 million views. Many viewers re-shared the video and expressed their “jealousy” over the other audience having the opportunity to see Liu Yifei live in real life.


The topic keyword has been viewed by more than 300 million people

Liu Yifei’s behind-the-scenes video “caused a storm” on social media

Audience comments:

– Haha, because it’s Liu Yifei. The opportunity is so rare.

– You must have met me more than 100 times. This lady hasn’t given her all yet!

– Liu Yifei’s beauty is truly something indescribable.

– If it were me, I would ride until my bike broke down.

– You can clearly see that her skin is very white and beautiful. I wish I could meet a beauty too.

After the resounding success of Dream of Hoa Luc and Go Where There’s Windthe audience is looking forward to Liu Yifei’s next television project. Rose Story Produced by the famous Tan Le company, it tells about the life of the female lead Hoang Diec Mai, from when she went to school to adulthood, experiencing many ups and downs. In her youth, there were many men, soulmates, life partners, and boyfriends. In the end, who will be the last person by Hoang Diec Mai’s side?

How beautiful is Liu Yifei in real life that makes fans cycle back and forth 20 times just to see? - Photo 9.

Liu Yifei and her handsome men in the movie

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