A famous showbiz actor was threatened for exposing his lover


Recently, Sohu website reported, nFamous showbiz actor Ngo So Nhat unexpectedly livestreamed to ask for help from the audiencerelated to private life.

Accordingly, Ngo So Nhat revealed that in recent times he has been constantly threatened in his private life, affecting his work and spiritual life. This incident made him panic and collapse.

Ngo So Nhat had to livestream to ask for help because his private life was being disturbed.

On the livestream, Ngo So Nhat said that his milk tea shop recently received many “ghost” orders, and even reported false violations to the Department of Industry and Trade. This has affected Ngo So Nhat’s income.

“I also received packages containing strange things, threatening letters and curses”, Ngo So Nhat said on livestream. However, the actor refused to share about the group of people causing trouble recently.

According to the audience’s speculation, the people who disturbed Ngo So Nhat’s life were most likely Same-sex lover Tran Muc Tri and this actor’s fan group.

Ngo So Nhat once posted about Tran Muc Tri’s love life.

Before encountering troubles in life, Ngo So Nhat publicly exposed Tran Muc Tri’s chaotic love life. Ngo So Nhat’s denunciation caused the image of Tran Muc Tri to collapsewas boycotted by the public.

Ngo So Nhat said that recently, Tran Muc Tri begged him to end everything. However, Ngo So Nhat’s sharing only stopped when Tran Muc Tri publicly apologized in the media. Although it is unclear what the true story is and who is behind the threats against Ngo So Nhat, this story is still a topic of discussion across Chinese forums.

The famous showbiz actor was threatened after exposing his lover, the milk tea shop was accused Photo 3
Tran Muc Tri was boycotted by the audience after his personal life was noisy.

Ngo So Nhat entered showbiz in 2016. His name is known through works such as: My roommate is the fox fairy, Spirit fox monster, Spirit fox monster 2: Immortal mountain great war,…

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