Vietnamese movies are filled with hot scenes of defeat


TPO – After many weeks at the top of the revenue rankings, Vietnamese films ceded the number one position to foreign films. The newly released project “Appropriation” also received many criticisms about its quality so it did not achieve high results at the box office.

Last week’s box office rankings had an unexpected “usurpation”. After continuously being at the top, the film The last wife directed by Victor Vu gradually declined in revenue and had to cede the number one position to Korean films Love your cool wife again.

But follow Box Office Vietnam (independent box office monitoring unit), the revenue of both movies last weekend was not impressive, at less than 9 billion VND, signaling that the market is returning to a low period.

Vietnamese films give way

Since its launch, The last wife topped the rankings Box Office Vietnam been 2 weeks. Despite the investment, the work still received many criticisms about its content and acting, so it gradually cooled down and the effect was no longer as good as before.

Revenue of The last wife It also drops gradually each week. By the third week, the film dropped one place to 2nd place with revenue of nearly 6.5 billion VND, bringing total revenue to 85 billion VND.

This is not a low achievement, enough to make producers feel secure, but the possibility of the film reaching the hundred billion mark is not high.

The last wife could not stay at the top of the box office rankings.

A Vietnamese movie released this week is Appropriation did not get impressive results as expected.

The project is notable for gathering a star cast including Miu Le, Karik, Lanh Thanh, Phuong Anh Dao… Not to mention before release, the crew released a trailer and a series of images revealing many 18+ scenes, making the movie even more exciting. noisy.

The crew applied the strategy of screening one week in advance, helping the film to be favored with the highest number of screenings last week (more than 3,300 screenings).

Unfortunately when released, Appropriation only stopped at number 3 with unimpressive revenue of more than 6.4 billion VND. The numbers show that the film’s occupancy rate is also low, with an average of just over 20 tickets per screening.

The work did not receive support from the audience and was criticized for its content and acting. Most audiences were disappointed to see stars participating in a project of such low quality. The story is old but the construction is confusing and the script has many errors.

The hot scenes in the movie are also meant to attract customers, not really playing an important role, partly causing the project to lose points for being offensive. This is also the downside of over-marketing, taking advantage of hot scenes to advertise movies instead of focusing on quality and content.

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Appropriation Gathering a famous cast but not attracting customers, receiving many criticisms about its quality.

Korean movies surpass Hollywood movies

Last week, the Hollywood project in the spotlight was The Marvels did not explode at the box office as expected. With a budget of more than 270 million USD, this is one of the most expensive blockbusters currently.

Unfortunately, Marvel’s film is facing the possibility of losing money because it only earned more than 160 million USD at the global box office. The company’s marketing strategy also did not help the work get more attention because the content was old and the story lacked depth.

Not only in the world, The Marvels has not yet attracted Vietnamese audiences. Movie revenue decreased by more than 75% compared to last week, from more than 15 billion VND to more than 3.1 billion VND in the last 3 days of the weekend.

Surpassing both Vietnamese films and Hollywood blockbusters is a Korean film Love your cool wife again. The project belongs to the rom-com genre (comedy, romance), gathering two beautiful young actors, Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min.

From content to genre, everything is not new, but Love your cool wife again suddenly created quite a good effect on social networks, thereby attracting audiences to theaters.

The work’s success is largely due to the publisher’s effective marketing strategy, similarly Suddenly won the lottery last year. Furthermore, both Vietnamese films did not really explode, creating conditions for foreign films to take over.

Most moviegoers appreciate the director’s creativity in transforming an old story to create surprise.

That’s why in Korea, Love your cool wife again also achieved good results, currently ranked 6th in the list of the 10 most popular movies of the year.

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Korea film Love your cool wife again are getting more attention from the audience than Vietnamese films.

Despite topping the rankings of Box Office Vietnamrevenue of Love your cool wife again was not really impressive, stopping at only 8.5 billion VND (more than 88,000 tickets sold).

Meanwhile, sales of last week’s works all decreased. Music movie The eras of Taylor Swift fell to 5th place on the rankings with more than 3 billion VND. Southern forest land There are more than 200 screenings nationwide but only earned more than 400 million VND.

In addition, two newly released Hollywood blockbusters also achieved low results. Mischievous troll: Music in unison collected more than 4 billion VND (with more than 2000 tickets), Hunger Games: The song of songbirds and poisonous snakes collected more than 2 billion VND (with more than 1,400 tickets).

The above numbers show that the market continues to fall into a low period, similar to the period of late September and early October. Southern forest land once helped warm up domestic box office revenue, but subsequent works have not been able to “keep the fire”.

Minh Nhat

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