Bach Loc and Duong Tu are so great


In the Chinese entertainment industry, there are very special actresses. They are top traffic girls, have a large fan base, and can also bring luck to colleagues they work with.

After Duong Mich and Trieu Le Dinh, Yang Zi was praised by the media as someone with the ability to “overpower” his co-star. Any male star who has ever collaborated with an actress on screen has become violent overnight. Some names to mention are Nham Gia Luan and La Van Hi (Honey Fragrance Like Smoke), Ly Hien (Stewed Squid Fish with Honey), or most recently Truong Van Y, Dan Kien Thu, Dang Vi (Tuong Tu School).

Duong Tu and his famous co-stars.

Besides Duong Tu, Bach Loc is also a name mentioned by netizens. Actresses are quite a special case when they have the ability to “power” supporting women. Just in 2023, the little flower girl has in turn helped the careers of her co-stars such as Tran Do Linh and Ton Tran Ny (Truong Nguyet Tan Minh), Luu Ta Ninh (Ninh An Nhu Mong),…

All kinds of 'prosperous' co-stars of Cbiz stars: Bach Loc, Duong Tu are so amazing Photo 3
Bach Loc helps the female co-stars to be hotter than him.

This makes fans laugh and cry as they don’t know whether to be happy or sad because all of the female supporting characters above are more beautiful than Bach Loc when in the same frame.

Trieu Le Dinh proves that she is superior to her juniors when she can bring luck to both the male lead and the stuntman. When she first started her career, Ly Nhat Dong held the position of a stunt double for her seniors in many films. This helped the actress catch the eye of director Vu Chinh and appear in the film. Half-demon Khuynh Thanh, Condor Hero, Co Phong,… Regarding his male co-star, Lam Canh Tan became much hotter after the end of the movie So Kieu Truyen.

All kinds of 'prosperous' co-stars of Cbiz stars: Bach Loc, Duong Tu are so amazing Photo 4
Trieu Le Dinh helped Ly Nhat Dong catch the eye of Vu Chinh.

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