What is Hong Dang’s wife like after a day of withering, smiling with only teeth?

Recently, Anh Dao – actress Hong Dang’s wife – updated her new image, attracting the attention of netizens.

“The one who mends the sky and fills in the sea, the one who builds the ramparts to build the city. I’m just a leaf, my job is green.” Anh Dao borrowed the poem to express.

Hong Dang’s wife is radiant, dressed young and dynamic.

In the photo, wife Hong Dang wears a striking blue T-shirt, combined with shorts, with a radiant face. The mother of two confidently poses in front of the camera, showing off her youthful and dynamic look.

As can be seen, Anh Dao’s appearance and spirit are much better than 2 months ago. Under the comments section, netizens also left compliments on the appearance of the mother of two.

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The mother-of-two is also more diligent in updating photos than she was 2 months ago.

Nearly 2 months ago, the actor’s wife said that she was in serious health decline.

Accordingly, Anh Dao lost weight uncontrollably, only 44kg. Because of her rapid weight loss, she feels that “every part of the body has problems”.

Even in some comments with friends, Anh Dao admitted withering, “the face is sunken, only teeth can be seen”.

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Shares of Hong Dang’s wife nearly 2 months ago.

At the end of June 2022, Hong Dang has a business trip to a number of European countries. The actor’s last stop is the island of Mallorca (also known as Majorca), Spain.

Not long after that, the name Hong Dang suddenly received great attention. After returning to Vietnam, on the afternoon of August 17, Hong Dang went to the Hanoi Drama Theater to report and apologize for going abroad without permission.

In the report, the actor stated that the reason for going abroad is to visit relatives and take a short trip. However, on June 24, Hong Dang had a problem in Spain, so he had to stay to solve it but could not fly back to Vietnam as scheduled. On August 6, the actor returned to Vietnam.

“Through the report, Mr. Le Hong Dang was aware of the shortcomings in completing the procedures for applying for leave to go abroad for the unit. Mr. Le Hong Dang apologized to the Theater’s Board of Directors and Please take full responsibility for your violations.”the theater leader said.

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Actor Hong Dang.

According to Vietnamnet

Source: https://2sao.vn/ba-xa-hong-dang-ra-sao-sau-ngay-heo-mon-cuoi-chi-thay-rang-n-321567.html

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