It hurts my eyes to see a high school couple in China having sex next to a truck in broad daylight


Recently, a Chinese student couple was caught having sex in the middle of the day. After this clip was released online, it caused a lot of controversy.

According to page 163, the incident happened on Yongxing Street, in Longwan District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. A couple who are high school students pulled together next to a truck to have sex so fiercely and naturally as if they were at home. I thought this was a hidden corner between cars parked close together, so no one saw this embarrassing behavior, but a driver who was parked right next to it witnessed it from start to finish.

This driver said, perhaps the other couple of students did not know that someone was in the car, so they calmly “acted”. However, in fact, this place is close to the entrance of a residential area and also near the school, so it is quite crowded. Moreover, the place where the student couple stood was not too hidden.

After witnessing this eye-sore scene, the man recorded a 16-second clip and sent it to a community chat group to reflect. Immediately, the clip caused a stir and discontent. Not long after, the clip was also spread on Chinese social networks and quickly shocked.

Most netizens criticized the young couple’s offensive actions when they went beyond the age limit and dared to “make love” in the middle of the day. This is not only unethical, but also illegal. This behavior also reflects that the sex education of families and schools is inadequate, causing students to misunderstand sexual behavior, thereby causing unfortunate consequences.

Besides, some netizens also pointed out that not only was the student couple doing it wrong, but the man who recorded the clip was also not right. As an adult, he should consciously remind the student couple before recording a clip and then posting it on social networks, affecting the honor and future of the two children.

It is known that in China, acts of excessive affection or sexual behavior in public places can be considered illegal, subject to administrative detention from 5-10 days or a fine. .

Meanwhile, the act of spreading other people’s sensitive images on social networks, which seriously affects their honor and dignity, may also be considered a violation of the law, and may face a fine. imprisonment for up to 10 years or a fine.

A couple of clouds and rain next to the hotel window caused outrage, hundreds of people watched, causing traffic jams

The action of this couple made many passersby shocked and hot-eyed.


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