The female student was given a ring and proposed at the closing ceremony


Clip of a female student proposing in the middle of the schoolyard (source: Nghiem Xuan Hung):

The male student holding a bouquet of flowers approached the female student in the cheers and cheers of his classmates. Not only that, this male student also knelt down to wear a ring for the female student in the shyness of the opponent.

The 12th grade female student was moved to tears because her boyfriend expressed her feelings right at the high school graduation ceremony. These are the images in the video that is going viral on social networks this morning.

At the end of the clip, the young couple also had a “lip lock” in the middle of the schoolyard, in front of the students.

The incident took place after the closing ceremony of the 2022-2023 school year and gratitude and growth for 12th grade students of Yen Lac 2 High School (Vinh Phuc), held yesterday morning, May 25.

Exchange with VietNamNet, At noon on May 26, Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Principal of Yen Lac 2 High School confirmed the incident took place on campus.

“However, the school only held the closing ceremony. This is a spontaneous action of students after the ceremony,” said Mr. Tuan.

Mr. Tuan further informed that the students around were curious, so they gathered to witness, the event was not in the design of the program for the closing ceremony of the school year and growing up for grade 12 students.

The principal of Yen Lac 2 High School added that the person who gave flowers and confessed to the female student was from outside the school and had finished high school.

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