Cach Cach was condemned for ‘touching artifacts’, was shunned by the whole film crew, her husband was confined at birth

Cach Cach was condemned for ‘touching artifacts’, was shunned by the whole film crew, her husband was confined at birth
Cach Cach was condemned for ‘touching artifacts’, was shunned by the whole film crew, her husband was confined at birth

Since then, Huynh Dich has always been a name that makes a lot of noise because of bad scandals.

Recently, “The Way” Huynh Dich has just become the focus of attention of the media and the audience. The cause comes from her unconscious act when taking photos at an art museum.

Specifically, after the famous beauty posted a photo, the art museum’s official Weibo account had an article criticizing actress Huynh Dich’s name. Accordingly, the museum believes that the crystal rose in her hand is the work currently on display. They reminded her and her crew to respect the work results of the artists. In addition, the museum side also asked her to visit the exhibition in a civilized manner, without touching the artifacts.

Huynh Dich used crystal roses in the museum to take pictures and was criticized.

After being mentioned by the museum, Huynh Dich quickly deleted some photos of her holding a rose in her hand. But at this time, on social networks began to criticize the impolite actress. Meanwhile, some people say that this is actually a mistake on both sides. Because the museum side did not have a ban notice, it caused Huynh Dich’s side to misunderstand.

After being scolded by netizens, Huynh Dich deleted the controversial photo.

In fact, before being involved in the noise about “touching artifacts” at the art museum, there were many bad scandals. Not only her private life, but also the actress’s career is equally scandalous. Therefore, in the eyes of the audience, Huynh Dich’s image is quite bad.

Huynh Dich was shunned by the whole film crew on the wrong palanquin

Famous at the age of 20, Huynh Dich was praised by the press for many popular works. She caused a fever when she participated in film projects such as “Leave the wrong flower palanquin to be liked by her husband”, Long phoenix charm, Hoan Chau 3 way away, Phong Van 2, Mat rhubarb, Summer Bubble…

Huynh Dich used to be shunned because of his bad personality.

Not to mention the famous work Hoan Chau Cach Cach, Huynh Dich really conquered the audience from the movie Go to the wrong flower palanquin that was liked by her husband. This is a film project that was once considered an irreplaceable beautiful memory of many viewers. It is also thanks to this work that Huynh Dich can play the role of How to replace Trieu Vy in Hoan Chau 3.

Huynh Dich in Up to the wrong palanquin got her husband’s wish.

She was hated by everyone in the film crew besides the director.

But, Huynh Dich’s memory of going to the wrong palanquin was not very good. She was shunned by the entire film crew. Accordingly, when participating in this work, Huynh Dich is still a young actor who always tries to find opportunities to change his life. Transforming into a mischievous, intelligent and intelligent girl Ly Ngoc Ho, Huynh Dich has conquered many audiences.

However, few people know that on the film Huynh Dich smiles like that, but on the set, she always feels pressured, tired and lonely because she is not valued by the crew. Huynh Dich once revealed in an interview: “The whole crew of the film Go to the wrong flower palanquin and the husband liked it. Only the director was gentle with me, and the others were all whispering and pointing. behind me”.

Huynh Dich is difficult to understand when people always dislike her.

However, the role in the wrong palanquin still helps her shine.

Talking about the past, Huynh Dich said that a costume expert once criticized her: “Huynh Dich, if I had worn these shoes, I would have damaged them in less than a month.” Particularly, the makeup artist every time she does Huynh Dich’s makeup also examines each of her shortcomings.

According to Huynh Dich, even the cameramen showed a bad attitude towards her. That year, she felt pity because out of hundreds of people in the crew, only the director was protective and had a comfortable attitude towards her.

Many people are curious why Huynh Dich is so hated. In fact, her personality This way is easy to offend others. Since entering the profession, she is known to be difficult to please and redheaded, no one can be close. Many people who have worked with Huynh Dich have to cry out for her temperament. They talk too erratic, whatever is sad or happy shows on their faces.

There were many rumors about Huynh Dich’s bad personality.

Currently, despite being a woman over 40 years old, experiencing a lot of turbulence in life, and being the mother of a 10-year-old girl, Huynh Dich is still underestimated EQ. Participating in entertainment shows, she was criticized for her childlike behavior, just wanting the world to revolve around her. It is easy to understand why the actress used to alienate the whole film crew 20 years ago.

How to be imprisoned by her husband when she gave birth to a child

Not only was his EQ underestimated, but Huynh Dich was also criticized for being too noisy in his private life. She has had 2 husbands. However, after the divorce, both husbands denounced her this Way. Huynh Dich’s dark past and vices are exposed.

Huynh Dich has a noisy private life.

Among Huynh Dich’s two husbands, Hoang Nghi Thanh is the one that gives her the most headache. Not only denouncing his ex-wife, he also had many actions that shocked the actress. Hoang Nghi Thanh accused her of being a fake person and having an affair. Because of this, the actress was ostracized by the audience, and her career went downhill.

In the show The Great Sister 2, Huynh Dich opened up about his failed marriage. She said, after getting married, the happy time was short. When the actress was in confinement, her ex-husband used her children to threaten and imprison her, making her extremely miserable.

Moreover, Huynh Dich is also afraid of cyber violence. She always thinks about the insults of netizens. This made Cach Cach feel miserable, crying in the night. Huynh Dich from the life of a star is being admired because of his marriage failure and fell to the bottom of the cliff.

Huynh Dich was imprisoned by her husband when she was born.

Hoang Nghi Thanh repeatedly denounced and shamed his ex-wife.

Cach Cac shared when the pain seemed unbearable, she could only choose to be patient. Thought it would be okay to hold back, but did not expect that the more you hold on, the more miserable everything becomes, making Huynh Dich stuck.

When he heard his father say: “It is better to break a moment than to ruin a lifetime”, Huynh Dich really woke up. After that, she decided to bravely face, end all suffering, end the unhappy marriage. “If you have reached the red line in your marriage, you must leave,” Huynh Dich advises everyone.

Huynh Dich now lives comfortably with his daughter.

Sometimes she often shares photos taken with the little princess.

Currently, Huynh Dich’s life is more stable. She lives peacefully with her daughter. The actress does not reveal much about her private life. She also does not openly love anyone despite some love rumors.

According to Tang Dien (

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