The clip Linh Miu shakes very well in front of many people


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It is known that after the incident of being suspected of revealing adult-themed clips with 2 men, Linh Miu immediately spoke out, she was even in the process of suing those who spread and edited the clip. Linh Miu’s strong counterattack caused mixed opinions, some people said that Linh Miu deliberately acted to prove that she was not the girl in the clip. However, many people still sided with Linh Miu when she spoke up to defend herself.

In the midst of mixed opinions, the online community recently stirred up with a clip of Linh Miu shaking in front of many people, she did not hesitate to show off her 3rd round in front of the camera. It is known that this clip has been shared since 2020 but has recently been “opened” by people.

In the video, the hot girl born in 1993 wears a Japanese schoolgirl style outfit but is bolder with a crop top and short skirt. In a room with dim red, yellow and green lights, Linh Miu enthusiastically danced and danced in front of many men’s eyes. Even in a moment, because the skirt was too short, she revealed her underwear in front of the camera.

According to Linh Miu, the clip above was made during the break of a project. Those vibrant dance moves are called Twerking dance – a fairly new type of dance in Vietnam and very few places teach it.

This subject is quite popular in Europe, it focuses on movements in the 3rd round, helping the 3rd round to grow and firm and the body more supple. To participate in this subject, learners need to be in good health and a relaxed mind.

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