Lee Jung Ha, the ugliest male lead in Korean drama today


Moving (Super Junior Team) is currently the most attention-grabbing Korean movie of this time when exploiting the extremely interesting topic of superpowers. Besides the “bare face” of beauties like Han Hyo Joo or Go Yoon Jung, Movingalso caused the audience to discuss with a male lead who is somewhat inferior, who does not have a 6-pack body or a slim male standard face that is often seen in school movies in the past.

In Moving, Lee Jung Ha plays Bong Seok – 1 of 3 teenagers possessing mysterious super powers from his “superhero” parents. Bong Seok lives with his mother Mi Hyeon (Han Hyo Joo), who has been pampered and protected by her since childhood. Realizing that her child was unusual (or floating uncontrollably), Mi Hyeon completely protected him by letting him stay at home throughout his childhood, even sometimes having to tie his limbs. In return, Mi Hyeon always pampered her son to the fullest, especially Bong Seok’s nature of eating a lot.

Because he eats more than normal people, Bong Seok is somewhat overweight, his body becomes “chubby”. To portray this character according to the original, actor Lee Jung Ha had an impressive makeover, gaining nearly 30kg while filming for the show. Moving. No longer the usual slim and handsome appearance, Lee Jung Ha said he was quite satisfied when his dedication and efforts paid off, showing a Bong Seok movie version similar to the original story.

However, some viewers still regret that in real life, Lee Jung Ha is a handsome guy. Some viewers also hope that Bong Seok in part 2 will quickly lose weight and return an eye-catching male lead version.


Lee Jung Ha gained 30kg for the role

Born in 1998, Lee Jung Ha is one of the emerging rookies of the Korean screen. Before being selected in the main line of the movie MovingLee Jung Ha has participated in a number of famous film projects but with supporting roles, such as Still Know – neverthelessnice Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung. It’s a funny coincidence that since having his first TV role up to now, the characters that the handsome man under Namoo Actors has performed all have the last name Kim.


Lee Jung Ha is handsome in real life

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