What about “Zoro” Mackenyu having a baby with his mother’s best friend and marrying a mysterious wife, “Nami” Emily Rudd?


The film is adapted from a Japanese comic book One Piece currently leads in performance on Netflix’s viewing platform in dozens of countries. Along with the movie’s skyrocketing popularity, the main stars also naturally became the focus of attention. In particular, the Japanese actor duo Mackenyu and American actress Emily Rudd suddenly became enthusiastically attached after a series of affectionate interaction scenes and extremely sweet chemistry when playing the roles of Zoro and Nami.

From here, the audience also began to closely search for the love lives of the two stars, and were curious about whether this couple could really date in real life. Unfortunately, the answer is no! Mackenyu and Emily’s love lives are complete opposites, one is constantly noisy and the other is too private.

The couple is being enthusiastically “shipped” in recent days due to their good chemistry in the live-action One Piece movie.


Arata Mackenyu is the son of the late martial arts legend and famous Japanese action movie star – Sonny Chiba. Growing up in Los Angeles, Mackenyu was facilitated by his famous father to debut in the Japanese film industry early and from then on, he became the most talented and talented actor in the country of cherry blossoms, even received a prestigious award at the age of 19. However, the moment this handsome actor became an A-list star was also when a scandal that shocked Asia was announced.

A famous Japanese news magazine published a story about Mackenyu secretly having a child when he was just 14 years old. Most surprisingly, this child’s mother is a close friend of the actor’s biological mother. She was 30 years older than Mackenyu and the two had sex when she was married. According to sources, Mackenyu’s stepson lives with his biological mother in Los Angeles – which is also where the actor was born.

The incident became even more noisy when the Japanese media uncovered the lawsuit involving the male actor and the woman mentioned above. This woman was once prosecuted for having sex with a minor under the age of 14 and Mackenyu’s family once filed a lawsuit in a US court to accuse her of having committed illicit acts with her son. While the drama was blown to its climax, Mackenyu denied the accusation that his mother’s best friend forced him to have sex and affirmed that both parties agreed. This is also the actor’s admission to the news of having a child and having a relationship with his mother’s close friend.

Mackenyu was involved in a shocking scandal, revealing his noisy private life with his mother’s best friend

After many years of silence after the noise, Mackenyu and his younger brother Gordon Maeda simultaneously announced their marriage to people outside the industry. The time to announce this information is on January 22 – the birthday of his late father Sonny Chiba. Mackenyu was also seen smiling on a date with a mysterious woman. Information about the actor’s wife was also kept secret. That’s why the public is even more curious about the identity of the actor’s wife.

3 years ago, Mackenyu was rumored to be dating a former child actress in her 30s. After that, Natsuki Okamoto fell into question because she entered the entertainment industry at the age of 8 and was once a famous model. Seventeen magazine, Candy and idol magazine UP to Boy. Natsuki’s last role was in 2011 and she completely withdrew from the entertainment industry, marrying and then divorcing a famous stylist. This information completely matches the details in previous rumors.

One Piece's most linked couple: Zoro Mackenyu has a child with his mother's best friend and marries a mysterious wife, what about Nami Emily Rudd? - Photo 7.

Mackenyu was once seen dating an unknown woman. This is said to be the actor’s non-industry wife

One Piece's most linked couple: Zoro Mackenyu has a child with his mother's best friend and marries a mysterious wife, what about Nami Emily Rudd? - Photo 8.

The former child actress is suspected of being Mackenyu’s mysterious wife

Emily Rudd

According to information from American media, Emily is currently single and has not been involved in any recent love rumors. However, many viewers believe that it is possible that this actress born in 1993 wants to keep her personal life private and focus on work.

Before that, she had a “long-term” relationship with American DJ and electronic music producer Justin David Blau. The two eventually broke up and neither Emily nor the media revealed any information about the reason the couple “went their separate ways”.

One Piece's most linked couple: Zoro Mackenyu has a child with his mother's best friend and marries a mysterious wife, what about Nami Emily Rudd? - Photo 9.

Source: Koreaboo, Aramajapan

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