Truong My Nhan is pregnant for the second time with Phi Ngoc Hung even though she hasn’t gotten married yet

Truong My Nhan is pregnant for the second time with Phi Ngoc Hung even though she hasn’t gotten married yet
Truong My Nhan is pregnant for the second time with Phi Ngoc Hung even though she hasn’t gotten married yet

Recently on her personal page, Truong My Nhan made people “explode” when she officially confirmed that she is pregnant with her second child with Phi Ngoc Hung. The beauty posted an ultrasound photo of her baby with a message to her husband: “Hung’s KPI is to marry Nhan at the end of the year. After that, he often exceeds the target.”

Truong My Nhan and her husband confirmed they are preparing to welcome their second child.

Thus, after more than 5 years together and more than 1 month of marriage registration, the couple Truong My Nhan – Phi Ngoc Hung is preparing to “become” parents for the second time. After posting, the couple received good news. “huge” amount of interaction.

Most of the comments congratulated Phi Ngoc Hung and his wife, everyone was excited because baby Bona was about to have a sibling: “Congratulations to Bona’s mother’s family for having a new member”, “Congratulations, Bona is about to have a baby”, “What a great family, if we had enough routines, we would be so happy”,…

The online community sent countless congratulations to the couple.

Previously, since August 2023, Truong My Nhan was suspected of being pregnant for the second time when she revealed her “excessive” second round every time she appeared in front of the camera. The beauty was “examined” about her clothes when she chose to wear baggy dresses at events. Now, Phi Ngoc Hung’s wife officially confirmed, making the couple’s fans excited.

Truong My Nhan is suspected of being pregnant for the second time from August 2023.

Over the past time, Truong My Nhan and Phi Ngoc Hung’s love story has gone through many ups and downs before receiving a lot of attention and enthusiastic support from the public. Initially, the two’s relationship was quite secretive. It was not until July 2022 – when her first daughter was over 2 years old, that Truong My Nhan publicly announced that she had a child and that her lover was actress Phi Ngoc Hung.

The home of Phi Ngoc Hung and his wife is admired by many people.

Recalling the moment she found out she was pregnant, Truong My Nhan was shocked and worried because she didn’t know how she would raise the child. Luckily at that time, her husband was always there to encourage and take care of the beauty. Since announcing their relationship, the couple often shares happy pictures on social networks.

Last May 2023, Truong My Nhan showed off a close-up photo of her diamond ring, saying that Phi Ngoc Hung proposed to her. By August 2023, both announced that they had completed the marriage registration procedure and officially became husband and wife. Sharing a happy moment, the actress said: “Unique Bona. Witnessed all the important moments of her parents. Nhan’s mother finally agreed to ‘plug’ into this ‘baby pot’.”

Phi Ngoc Hung officially proposed to his wife after 5 years together.

The couple brought their daughter Bona to register their marriage.

During many years of living together, despite having conflicts, Truong My Nhan and Phi Ngoc Hung still chose to be together because they wanted their children to have a perfect family. She once shared: “I don’t understand how I felt before, but at that time I didn’t have enough confidence to talk about the other person, but now I’m very comfortable expressing my feelings. I can say that Hung is a lover, a friend. my husband, I don’t need to think too much.”

Currently, the couple Truong My Nhan – Phi Ngoc Hung have not shared specific details about their future plans or wedding plans.

Fans are looking forward to information about the couple’s upcoming wedding.


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