The biggest fear of “Xinjiang beauty” Dilraba Dilmurat


Dilraba is participating in an entertainment program Sister Hoa. When talking to the audience, the 9X beauty admitted that she was sad and haunted by judgments from public opinion. Therefore, Dilraba Dilraba’s life also faces a lot of pressure.

“I’m a person who tends to put other people’s feelings above my own. I’m always afraid of offending someone. In front of a crowd, I don’t dare to act arbitrarily, I always have to be careful about everything. Having to be perfect is not comfortable,” Dilraba Dilmurat shared.

Dilraba admitted that she was haunted by public comments (Photo: Sina).

Dilraba once decided to stay in hiding for nearly a year. Since mid-2022, she has not appeared at events or Chinese fashion magazines. This caused negative rumors about her to start appearing. Some newspapers even questioned whether the 9X beauty was pregnant and went abroad to give birth.

Explaining her disappearance, Dilraba admitted that since entering the profession, she has worked non-stop to accumulate experience, with projects one after another.

At a certain age, she wants to be more strict with herself in choosing scripts, aiming for projects with depth and suitable characters.

The beautiful actress also wants to take time to rest and balance work and personal life. Filming, filming commercials, attending events and entertainment shows makes Dilraba feel exhausted. She confessed that she does not have her own home and often stays at a hotel after finishing work.

The media has many times captured the moment when the actress was tired, walking slowly from the set to the hotel. In 2021, she lost weight rapidly and her beauty faded due to overwork.

Dilraba Dilmurat is one of the actresses with a large fan base in the Chinese entertainment industry (Photo: Weibo).

“Like what everyone said, I felt like I had become a working machine in the entertainment industry. At that time, I thought youth only lasted a few years, so I should give it my all.

I used to be afraid that people would hate me if I said I wanted to rest. But the more I grow up, the more I don’t want to continue being a slave to fame. I also have my own interests and things I want to do,” Dilraba Dilmurat confided.

During a break from work, Dilraba goes to the movies, walks around and observes life. The actress admitted that when she is not in front of an audience, she can be herself and not be afraid of other people’s judgments.

Dilraba Dilraba’s recent share made fans feel sorry for him. Below the post, some viewers sent words of encouragement to the actress, calling on everyone to respect the artist’s private life and stop judging and disparaging others on social networks.

Dilraba Dilmurat (born 1992) belongs to a group of sought-after A-list stars on the Chinese screen. She is famous for her beauty that blends Asian and European. “Xinjiang Beauty” made a special impression after participating in famous movies such as Ancient swords and strange talks, Three generations and three generations: Ten leagues of peach blossoms, Minister, Happiness is within reach, Long song journey, You are my pride…

The biggest fear of Xinjiang beauty Dilraba Dilmurat - 3

Dilraba has been “in hiding” for nearly a year to spend time for herself (Photo: Instagram).

Since 2020, her career has significantly improved when the actress appeared on newspaper pages and was a regular face at events in China. Currently, the beauty is the Asia-Pacific ambassador for many high-end brands thanks to her popularity and attractive beauty.

However, Dilraba Dilmurat’s acting was controversial and was once openly criticized by the talented and famous Chinese screenwriter – Wang Hailin – as weak.

Her recent project, Elite prosecutordid not receive positive feedback from the audience even though Dilraba decided to try a drama project instead of the familiar love story.

After the TV project Elite prosecutor, Dilraba continues to be busy with the new schedule. Recently, she has been busy with a new movie titled Earn commissions.

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